Sweet Shine

The Calamvale central side is getting more and more prosperous. After opening the Taiwanese Style Bubble tea shop, recently, there are a new Taiwanese Style Resturant. Moreover, that is quite popular. I tried to have lunch there last week, but unfortunately, there are too many people! Even the staff told us that the waiting time was almost one hour, so the results did not go there to eat. Perhaps because their price is very reasonable, a fried chicken or fried ribs bento box will be just $12 , and there is $1 extra for the winter melon tea, so it is very attractive.Also It is a new opening, so there is long queues. I hope that after these two weeks, I try to go there because, in the circle of friends, some of them are saying they are good, some of them are saying they are average. I really want to find the truth by myself

Address: Tenancy 28,
Calamvale Central Shopping Centre
662 Compton Road Calamvale
QLD 4116

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