I am a Christian. Of course, I must say the best event at Christmas is going to a church service, you can understand the true meaning of Christmas. Besides this, Visiting 4QK Christmas lighting winner is a must-do event of Christmas. In Brisbane, there are a lot of people keen to set up Christmas Lighting Decorations in their front yard. For some people, they are much more passion about this. They will design and set up the Christmas Lighting Decorations in their front yard and join the 4QK Christmas lighting competition. All winners of this competition open the front yard to the public from today to 24 th, let everyone will see their professional Christmas Lighting Decorations. In the past years, I have been several winners. All of them are super professional; they converted their front yard to a Christmas Theme park. Please check their details on the 4QK website, and the council got the bus tour to travel around the winners.

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