Firework 2020

Christmas Fireworks

If you mention New Year’s fireworks in Australia, of course, everyone will think of New Year’s fireworks in Sydney, because this is the largest in Australia, and fireworks on the famous landmark, harbour bridge, they are spectacular, so everyone is especially familiar. Although this year, there are several petitions for not having fireworks in Sydney, because of NSW bush fires, rather than spending on Fireworks, that is better to help those people affected. However, at this minute, the fireworks will still go ahead.

There are also New Year’s fireworks in major cities across Australia(please check whether your city will have fireworks, some cities canceled their fireworks, because of fire ban)! Also, we have New Year’s Eve fireworks in Brisbane, and we will have two sessions of fireworks on the Brisbane river! The first session will start at 8:30 pm on December 31. This game is called Family Fun Fireworks. It is mainly for families with small children. You can go home early to make it easier for children to sleep. The other, of course, is the one that started at 0:00 on New Year’s Day. It is relatively more significant, and more people watch it, so the atmosphere is better. If you can, I would recommend you to see this. Besides, the best vantage point to watch will be South Bank, followed by the North Quarry or riverside in the city.

 Finally, I want to remind everyone. According to the experience of previous years, there are many people watching fireworks. So I suggest everyone use public transport! Moreover, all bus, train, and citycat ferry services will be free from 7:45 pm on the 31st to 5:30 am on New Year’s Day! Detailed information can be involved in TransLink.

Boxing Day Shopping

Garden City - Boxing Day Sales - A lot of people

Yesterday is Boxing Day. According to my experiences during the past years, a lot of people will go to the shopping mall, because the most of shops have massive sales on Boxing Day. Thus, we went out a bit late, around 2pm. However, there were still a lot of people. When I arrived at Kessels Road, about 1KM away from Garden City. There was a queue to enter Garden City. I spent 15 minutes in the queue; then I could enter the car park in Garden City. And then, I spent another 30 minutes to find a parking spot. I used 45 minutes to line up and seeking the parking spot. That was crazy.
When I entered the mall, there were a ton of people. That is rare to see in Brisbane. I felt I was in Hong Kong. Also, I saw a lot of people walking with a full trolley of new stuff they just bought. I think this year; there should be a good record of sales during the boxing day.
For myself, I do not have may things I need to buy. My home blender is quite old and dirty. So, I wish to buy a new one. Then I found one is in Target for $79, which is only $20 off, not a huge discount, so a lot of stocks on the floor. That is the reason I can come late!

NUTRIBULLET at Target $79

Boxing Day Sale Tomorrow!

Brisbane City Christmas

In Australia, the biggest sale event during the year is on Boxing Day, that is tomorrow! In tradition, most people are already a lot of money to buy Christmas Presents. Thus, the shops will start sales on 26/12, the first date after Christmas, to boost the customers’ spending again!
I heard about the major cities of Australia, and some people will start to line up in front of the stores tonight and wait for their opening. They wish to get the best deals tomorrow. Well, we are in the age of online shopping, a lot of major department stores’ website, such as Myer, Target, and UNIQLO already have started the sales. You can sit back and relax in front of the computer, place the orders and wait for the delivery.
But if you decide to do your boxing date shopping in person, that won’t be easy to get a parking spot, and you need to prepare more time for looking for a parking spot

Early Boxing Day Sale

Tomorrow is Christmas. As Christians, of course, I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to go to the church and find out the real meaning of Christmas. In addition, some of my blog readers asked me about the boxing day sale. In Boxing day, most of the stores will have a big sale, and it is the largest in a year. However, it is now the age of online shopping. Even if it is a public holiday tomorrow, basically all stores will be closed, but their online stores are still open, and so the store will start Boxing day sales tomorrow, even some of them have already started online. Everyone can pay attention to it online.

Christmas Fireworks 2019

Christmas Fireworks

Christmas is only a few nights of sleep away, again, that is an excellent time to find the true meaning about Christmas. By the way, now is the period of “Fireworks Season.”, From Tonight to 23rd December, every night at 8 pm, the Brisbane river will have 15 minutes fireworks display. Please do not miss that; you can see the Christmas Parade at 7 pm earlier time, then you can see the firework displays. Lastly, most signature fireworks will be on New Year Eve.

Danbo Ramen

Danbo Ramen, This name has already been heard by friends. It is a ramen shop on the gold coast. Afterward, I heard that she opened a branch in Brisbane city. Unfortunately, I never have a chance to try this. Until recently she finally opened a branch in our southside of Brisbane, so there was an opportunity for me to try it out.
First of all, their interior design is quite glorious, very Japanese style. The space in which to sit is also very comfortable.

Danbo Ramen - Miso Ramen

For the tasting, on that day, I ordered Miso Ramen. The soup base is full of flavor, and the texture of the noodle is also elastic, and char siu is not too fat. There are some ramen shops in Brisbane that have this level of quality. However, Danbo Ramen offers somethings special. You can choose the hardness of the noodles, and even the saltiness of the soup base, which is unique. It seems like no other ramen shop in Brisbane offers this option.
Besides, I want to talk about its serving size. According to my stomach size, it is a little less, and there is no free extra ramen. It will cost $15, which is small for me. However, if you are willing to spend an extra dollar, you can have extra, which is still reasonable.

In summary, this ramen shop is attractive, and this shop sounds comfortable than Hakata ramen. The only bad thing is that if you pay by credit card, they need to charge a handling fee, so that is better to bring your cash


T4/22 Gowan Rd,

Sunnybank Hills
QLD 4109

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Christmas Parade

Three Wise-Men

From tomorrow to 22 Decemember, at Queen Street Mall, there will be a Christmas Parade 7pm every night. Same as previous years, there were a lot of performers dressed as Christmas figures such as Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

Santa Claus@ Myer Christmas Parade 2013

That is a major event for Christmas Celebration in Brisbane City. Tomorrow is the night shopping in Brisbane City. I think that is a good activity if you go to Brisbane tomorrow night.

I am a Christian. Of course, I must say the best event at Christmas is going to a church service, you can understand the true meaning of Christmas. Besides this, Visiting 4QK Christmas lighting winner is a must-do event of Christmas. In Brisbane, there are a lot of people keen to set up Christmas Lighting Decorations in their front yard. For some people, they are much more passion about this. They will design and set up the Christmas Lighting Decorations in their front yard and join the 4QK Christmas lighting competition. All winners of this competition open the front yard to the public from today to 24 th, let everyone will see their professional Christmas Lighting Decorations. In the past years, I have been several winners. All of them are super professional; they converted their front yard to a Christmas Theme park. Please check their details on the 4QK website, and the council got the bus tour to travel around the winners.

In the southside of Brisbane, there are a lot of shopping centers that have Santa for children photo taking. But the major of them are not free of charge. There is a free one. Tomorrow, from 5 pm to 8pm, Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town will be Santa and his closest friends for photo taking. Moreover, there will be a little parade from level 2 near Lincraft to outside Best & Less at Level 4. Then they will be settled in there for photo taking.

Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown,
Compton Road,
Sunnybank Hills

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