Chicken Congee@Landmark
Yam Cha as breakfast, that is a kind of Cantonese traditional. However, because there are not many Chinese in Brisbane. The market is not big enough, so as far as I know, there is no restaurant offers Yam cha before 11am.
Recently, the situation is changed. Last Wednesday, after I did a tour of the pre-prep school for my daughter. We went to Sunnybank plaza for breakfast around 9.30am. I found Landmark restaurant has already opened for business. They opened weekdays from 8 am to 11am and serving breakfast. Moreover, if you pay your bills before 11am, They won’t charge for tea. It saves you a few dollars per person. Besides, there is a breakfast combo deal from 8am to 10.30pm, that included a bowl of congee and Steamed Vermicelli Roll or Boa for $9.8. That is value for money. On that, we had two combo deals, including two bowls of chicken congee, Steamed Vermicelli Roll, BBQ Bao,
BBQ Pork Bao

Steamed Vermicelli Roll
and extra dim sim. That cost only $24.90. We finished that after 11pm, I was so full, I only had a few pieces of biscuit as my lunch.


Shop 101,
Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre,
358 Mains Road,
QLD 4109
Tel: 07 3344 3288

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