4KQ Christmas Lights

Christmas is coming. This is the time to visit the winners of 4KQ Christmas Lights. Every year, there are some Brisbane Families convert their garden into a kind of Christmas Theme Park. They placed a lot of Christmas lights in their gardens and some Christmas related decors too.
A few years ago, I went to the winner of South Residential for that year. That was marvelous. Th

ey placed 1:1 Size of Santa’s sleigh in their garden. The visitors could sit on that and took some photo. I believe this year winners will be marvelous too. In our southside, the winners are in Algester and Drewvale. I think I will go to one of them. All winners’ garden will be opened from 6 pm to 10 pm every night until 24th December. For full addresses of winners’ home, please go to visit the 4QK website.