Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center


Yesterday, I went to Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center. I faced a problem I have never seen before. That is the running out of parking spots in Sunnybank Hills Shopping. There are always a lot of empty parking spots. I have spent 15 minutes to find a place to park and that was away from the entrance too. I thought that must be a lot of people to do the Christmas shopping.
I went to Supermarket for getting enough supplies to survive this Christmas Holidays. There was a long queue. A lot of people was busy to buy the food for their Christmas Eve Dinner. After I did the supermarket shopping, I went to a Chemist. I have waited for a half hour to get a Prescription Medicines. This long wait is understandable. Because a lot of doctors will take a long break during this Christmas holidays, so a lot of people need to get the medicines they required on Friday.
Well, today, I found my home was running out of milk. Then I need to go Supermarket again. That is bad. There must be more people than Yesterday. I went Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center. I was in there around 3 pm. It wasn’t that bad. I found a parking spot easily. I bought a bottle of milk in Woolworth without any queue at all. I think that is a bit late in the day. The most of the people did their Christmas shopping.

P.S. Tomorrow is Christmas day. Almost all of shopping centers and supermarkets are closed, even I hardly know about any shops will open tomorrow.


I remember my time in Hong Kong; we went to CBD. Those high rises will have some Christmas light decorations on their wall. In Brisbane, we will go to 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition Winners’ home to see Christmas lights. The winners spent months to setup light decorations in their houses and gardens for this Competition. They are very very professional, those gardens like a small Christmas theme park! So, this is a must-do Christmas event in Brisbane. For full addresses of winners’ home, please go to visit the 4QK website.

Also, I wish to share some photo I took the year before in 11 Lucy Drive, Edens Landing which is also the South Residential Winner this year.

In the garden, there were the Christmas Figures at their Garden, such as three wisdom kings and Mary to show the scene of Jesus born.


There was Santa’s sleigh in their garden. You can sit in there and take photo with friends. As I said before, that sounds like a small theme park!

Well You can see how cool they are, I think you must visit there!