Queens Street Mall Christmas

Today is Christmas Day. Almost all shops did not open today. But the most of the stores will remain their normal trading hours tomorrow. Also, they have the large sales during the whole year. In the previous years, I bought some good value things on Boxing Day. However, a lot of people had the same thought of mine. Some of them even go to the Stores such as Myer and David Jones at 5 am. They will line up and wait for the stores opens. They wish to be the first round of customers in the store and can buy all best bargains. Even you need to buy the best bargains, the most of the major shopping centers are full of people during that day. You need to prepare at least half hour to find a parking spot.
This year, I do not want to spend the time for finding a parking spot. I choose to do the boxing day shopping on online. The major stores, such as Myer, David Jones, and UNIQLO, have the giant sales in their online store. The most of them have free shipping offer for any customers who spend more than $100. Moreover, I can do the shopping now, I don’t need to wait for tomorrow. That is great. I only did a few clicks and waited for the shipping during these few days.