Nike @Harbour Town

Last Saturday,I and my wife went to Harbour Town, which is the outlets mall in Gold Coast, for shopping. We fond a lot of shops are running some large discount offers, such as Puma has 50% off on selected sport footwear. Finally, I spent about $80 in Nike Factory Outlet. Almost whole store has 40% off on the marked price.  I bought a pair of running shoes for $60


Nike running shoes

And $18 for a shirt

Nike Shirt

That was a big bargain!

Please don’t miss it, I know the special offers will end soon.

Indooroopilly Shopping Center

I love UNIQLO a lot, I felt their clothing very comfortable. So, I am waiting for their Brisbane store opening for long time. Finally, this Thursday, 3rd, Decemeber, 2015. , that is their Indooroopilly store Grand Opening. That is the first store in Brisbane. Moreover, there will be some grand opening offers. For the further details, please check out their website. I think I will buy a polo shirt for $19.99.

Address:Level 2, Shop 2099
322 Moggill Road
Indooroopilly, QLD 4068

Brisbane Christmas Tree
Time is going so quick, that is around 3 weeks away from Christmas. Brisbane City is getting ready for Christmas too.  Today, the Queensland’s largest solar powered Christmas Tree are placed in front of the City Hall. Today, 7pm, there will be a lighting ceremony for this Christmas at King George Square.  If you will be in City tonight, I think that worth to take part in that event.

Christmas Tree @Garden City

Moreover, the major shopping malls around Brisbane placed their Christmas Decorations too. A few days ago, I was shopping in Garden City. I saw the mall installed a lot of Christmas Decorations. They looks more beautiful than the past year, such as golden Christmas tree at the photo above.  That is very eyes catching!

Summer Sunnybank $2 Food Trail This afternoon, I went to Sunnybank Plaza for Summer version of Sunnybank  $2 Food Trail. Today, Sunnybank Plaza was very busy.  I spent a few minutes for finding a parking spot. After I parked my car, I entered the mall. That was full of people. I guess a lot of people in there for this event.

Fortunately, I arrived a bit before the start of this event (2pm),  I only spent a few minutes for lining up. Firstly, I had $2 pork buns.

$2 pork buns

Those three small pork buns tasted good and even I called them “small buns”. The portion was not small at all.

Of course, I went to Boost Juice. I bought a cup of watermelon juice.


Lastly, I had a curry chicken rice from Cafe Me. I love this curry. However, the portion is a little bit small. Well, this portion for $2 is not bad.

Besides of the food I had, there were a lot of other dishes, such as Roti, small sandwich from subway,fried wonton from Zen noodle and Black Tea. The range of dishes were very wide.

Apart from food, there were some performances too, such as loins dance.

loins dance


That event is not bad. Moreover, this afternoon was very hot, around 35 degree. This event was good for killing some time in air-conditioned shopping mall.

 Sunnybank $2 Food Trail

This Saturday (21st November,2015), Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park will hold an event,  Sunnybank $2 Food Trail. On that day, from 2pm to 8 pm, a number of restaurants in those two shopping centers will offer $2 tasting plates. Moreover, the ranges of dish on the offers have Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong Style, Vietnamese, Korean and Taiwanese styles. That sounds attractive!

For the further details, please visit their website.


Zara@BrisbaneRecently, a few global fashion chain stores planned to expand their networks in Brisbane. On 14th November,  H&M opened their new store in Queen Street mall and UNIQLO planned to open their new store in Queen Street mall on the end of this year too. I also found Zara is working on their new store at Queen Street Mall too. It will open at 20th November 2015.  The opening hours is from 9am to 9pm. Well, I think Zara is a bit too expensive for me. I think UNIQLO more.

Oliver Brown@Kawana

Hot Chocolate@Oliver Brown

Chocolate Cafe is getting popular in Brisbane. The most major shopping centers have at least one Chocolate Cafe. Recently, I found there is a new rival of Chocolate Cafe in Brisbane.They have some branches in the shopping centers. I tried their branch in Kawana shopping center in Sunshine Coast. The hot chocolate is quite tasty, the chocolate is not too strong. Moreover, the atmosphere is quite cheerful. The cafe is not too busy. I and my frined had afternoon tea in there for two hours. That was a comfortable experience.  I love it.


Olivwer Brown

Kawana Shopping Center
119 Point Cartwright Drive
QLD 4575
Tel:07 5478 2380

Le Bon Choix@Garden City

Le Bon Choix@Garden City
In the second floor of the new wing of Garden City, just outside Myer entrance,  there is a new café, Le Bon Choix. Their shopfront is quite pretty, so we always want to try.

At earlier of this month, my wife and I got a chance to have a morning tea in there, bought two cups of coffee and two cakes. They tasted good and looke very beautiful, especially that piece of chocolate cake.

chocolate cake

Chocolate surface is very fragrant, and I love the soft texture inside. It has a mini macarons on top. It looks really very special and delicate.

Everything is good, but the price is not cheap,  we spent more than $ 20 on that morning tea.

Address: Level 2,
Westfield Garden City,
Kessels Rd and Logan St,
Upper Mt Gravatt
QLD 4122
Tel: 07-32192722

Sushi Edo@Sunnybank Plaza

Sushi Edo @sunnybank plaza

Some friends recommended sushi edo to me before. However,they have any branches in our southside of Brisbane. They only have branches in CBD, Newmarket and Nundah. Recently, they opened a new branch in Sunnybank Plaza.

Yesterday, I and my wife went to there for Lunch. The atmosphere is very present. The seats are very comfortable and the theme are very warm. Moreover, the staff are nice and friendly!

Sushi EdoAnother advantage is their iPad Ordering system. The user interface is very easy to use. It has a big picture of every item.  We need to click the pictures to order. In addition, it supports multi-languages, such as chinese and english. The system can call the staff and checking order details, even you can join their member club from this system.

iPad Ordering system @Sushi Edo

Back to the main topic, their food, there are various choices, including Nigiri, Aburi (Seared Sushi),hand rolls, ramen and curry rice, even green tea ice cream.


For price, that is very reasonable too. All sushi are priced $3.50,  unless they are listed at a different price. Even Sea urchin sushi is $3.50.


Thus, at the end, we had ten dishes of sushi and two green tea. That was $38. That is very reasonable. Well, the good price is not the most important, the taste is more important. We think the sushi tastes good! Definitely, we will come again!

Sushi Edo

Address:Shop 30b
358 Mains Road,
Sunnybank Plaza
Sunnybank Q4109
Tel:07 3219 5756