Tasty EKKA

EKKA is not just about animals.  There are a lot of tasty food!

Firstly, I must talk about strawberry ice cream which is the most famous food in EKKA. Some of my friends said you can only have it in EKKA.

That is a kind of very special ice cream. At the most top level, there is a whole strawberry. Next strawberry ice cream is under placed under that.  Then there are some sliced  strawberry inside the cup. Finally, at lowest level,  vanilla ice cream is placed at the base. It tasted different in each level. That is very very tasty.

strawberry ice cream@EKKA

Please remember this hut, You can buy this kind of icecream for $5 each and there is always people lining up.

strawberry ice cream hut@EKKA

Secondly, I wish to recommend Cheese Toastie at the Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion. It is only $ 2 each. Tasty toast with cream cheese. I love it. I saw a few people bought that too!

Cheese Taostie@EKKA

In addition,a lot of tasting booths is located at  Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion. We’ tired some fruit in there!

tasting booths@EKKA

I loved the food in EKKA.

EKKA will end this sunday, please don’t miss it!

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