Sunny Soul Korean BBQ

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to have Korean BBQ again. This is because one of my friends loves Korean BBQ a lot. Moreover, that friend has highly recommended Sunny Seoul in Sunnybank; she said that was the best Korean BBQ she had in Brisbane ever.

sweet soy sauce chicken and pork belly - Sunny Soul

On that night we ordered two dishes, sweet soy sauce chicken and pork belly. That was so delicious. My friend’s recommendations are 100% right! The meat is marinated well. ┬áThe sauce and the meat are the perfect match. That was so good!!!

Side dishes - Sunny Soul


In addition, the side dishes are great too!!! There were around six dishes, which included kimchi and various types of salad. I loved the mashed potato salad the most.

That was a super tasty dinner! My tummy got bigger!!! Lastly, I have to remind you to book a table in advance; because we came without making a booking first, we spent half an hour waiting for seats.


Shop 3A, 95 Main Roads.

Sunnybank , QLD 4109

Tel: 0733447589

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