Sunsuper Riverfire Tomorrow

P1090471Hi All,

There will be fireworks at Brisbane River on 7pm tomoorow. This is the largest event in Brisbane Festival.

Moreover, Superhornets  will fly over Brisbane too during the event!

Please do not miss this event!


Brisbane Airport Light Garden
After I and my wife watched the City of Lights, we moved the garden in front of QPAC. There is Brisbane Airport Light Garden. I remember last year Brisbane Festival got a similar setting, but last year was using a lot of Chinese style lanterns. This year, there are full of LED lightings.
Personally, I love this year settings more. The LED lightings will be flashing and changing its colour. I felt like entered the forest in future world! That is cool. I believe most of the kids will love that.

Santos GLNG City of Lights

On 7th September, the Brisbane Festival started. This is one of Brisbane’s major events. I join this event every year. There were a lot of excellent performances during this festival. Out of those performances, I loved the laser performance show the most.

Santos GLNG City of Lights

Last Friday, I went to watch the Brisbane Festival laser performance show which called itself the Santos GLNG City of Lights this year. I love the organisers. They worked hard. The performance is not the same each year; they have some improvements every year.

For this year, the setting included a huge waterfall at the stage in the middle of the BrisbaneRiver. The laser will draw some symbols on the waterfall, just like a painting. The laser looks like somebody dancing on the waterfall.

Real Performances


Moreover, there was a three people real dance on the bending pole at the main stage just in the waterfall. This feature is the new thing this year, not just laser and water. This year, we got some real “live” performances. Besides of the performance at the main stage, the buildings in CBD have flashing lights and laser which are flashing to Southbank. They are excellent too! When I saw the performance, these features made Southbank feel like a dance party.

For the best spot to watch this performance, I recommend the Culture Forecourt in Southbank. That’s the closest to the main stage and there are a number of speakers. During the performance, the speakers will play some live music. It was very enjoyable in there, which is a perfect mixture of laser, music and dancing performance.

I highly recommend you to watch this performance, from now to 27th September. From Sunday to Thursday, 7pm and 8.30pm there will be Santos GLNG City of Lights. For Friday and Saturday, there will be three sessions at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. Please don’t miss this performance!