I remember when I was in Hong Kong, we went to yum cha every morning. This was our breakfast style, eating a ton of little dishes called dim sims every day. At that time, I really did not like that much, because that was the same every day and it was very very noisy.
After I moved to Brisbane, I changed my mind. I love yum cha. Firstly, the restaurants in Brisbane are much more comfortable. Secondly, I do not go to yum cha every day, so I will not get bored. Thirdly, yum cha is a good way to gather with friends. We can sit around a big table and have some causal chat. Thus, we always have friends’ gathering over yum cha. Just like last week, I went to Yum Cha with my friend at Haoke, which is one of my favourite restaurants.

pork dim sims @ Haoke

We had a good time and tried a lot of tasty dishes in there. We have pork dim sims The meat was great quality. It is authentic. That sounds like the chief is really from Hong Kong!

Cantonese Egg tarts @ Haoke
Also, we had my favourite dish, Cantonese Egg tarts which is a kind of egg custard tart pastry. That was very great. The pastry is very nice and the egg custard looks very golden and attractive! I had two of them, I wanted to have more,but I was full.
That was a great lunch. I love Haoke! I wish I can go there soon again.
Note: If you don’t know what is yum cha, please click here to find the reference in Wikipedia.

Haoke Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Shop 36/223 Calam Road,

Sunnybank Hills

Qld 4109

Phone: 07-32734900

Sunny Soul Korean BBQ

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to have Korean BBQ again. This is because one of my friends loves Korean BBQ a lot. Moreover, that friend has highly recommended Sunny Seoul in Sunnybank; she said that was the best Korean BBQ she had in Brisbane ever.

sweet soy sauce chicken and pork belly - Sunny Soul

On that night we ordered two dishes, sweet soy sauce chicken and pork belly. That was so delicious. My friend’s recommendations are 100% right! The meat is marinated well.  The sauce and the meat are the perfect match. That was so good!!!

Side dishes - Sunny Soul


In addition, the side dishes are great too!!! There were around six dishes, which included kimchi and various types of salad. I loved the mashed potato salad the most.

That was a super tasty dinner! My tummy got bigger!!! Lastly, I have to remind you to book a table in advance; because we came without making a booking first, we spent half an hour waiting for seats.


Shop 3A, 95 Main Roads.

Sunnybank , QLD 4109

Tel: 0733447589