QANTAS is not in my list of favourite airlines. I only travelled with them twice and the last time was several years ago. However, recently, I travelled with them. I am quite impressed.

The flight crews were very helpful, but the key factor for my impression is in their flight meals. They were very delicious.  I loved them  a lot.


First of all, they still offer small bottled wines. As far as I know, most airlines do not offer them anymore so that they can cut costs. Personally, I love this kind of small bottled wines a lot.

Chicken with Rice@QANTAS

Secondly, the meals are tasty. They are not just meat pies and beef. They offer rice, pasta, chicken and fish. These choices are suitable for our Asian tastes.  I am impressed with this offer,they were able to do this although this was a flight to Auckland, meaning there were not many Asian people on board.


Thirdly, the portion is just right, not too much or too small. It included a main course and salad. Also, it has a dessert(ice-cream). Sweet!!!

I will consider travelling with them if I need to fly.


Source:Open Clip Art Using Under Public Domain Attribution

In Australia, we have the GST (Goods and Services Tax). Most of the goods we buy in Australia have GST, but if you are a visitor, you can claim the GST back at the airport. In the major international airports, there is a counter for the claiming of GST after you pass immigration, if you bring the goods you bought in Australia. All you need to do is keep the receipts and take the goods to the counter. Then you can get back money.

When I travel to New Zealand, it is a different story.  I bought some souvenirs in Auckland. I kept the receipts and brought the souvenirs in my hand carry luggage. It’s done the same way in Australia. When we passed the immigration counter in Auckland, I was looking for the place where I could claim my GST, BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN NEW ZEALAND! All visitors cannot claim their GST in the airport. That is different from Australia! Thus, I suggest if you need to buy souvenirs, you can buy them from the shops which are located in the area after you have passed the immigration counter. They do not charge any GST. I checked the thermal mud products that were the major portion of our souvenirs; they were cheaper if they are without GST.  Please be aware of that when you travel to New Zealand.