Sunset Cinema @ Artificial beach southbank


Last Saturday, I went to the Artificial beach  in southbank. Well, I did not go there for swimming. Actually, I went there for watching a movie,Elf.  The southbank management company placed a huge LED screen in the beach and played two movies every night. This was a part of Christmas Celebration in Southbank.

This was my first times to join this kind of Sunset Cinema. That was very cool. I sat on the beach and had some chats with my friends while we were watching the movie. That was so relaxing. Moreover, there were some other people who chose a cooler way to enjoy this sunset cinema. They swam while the movie was screening. In the hot weather, I believe they could cool down themselves and enjoy the movie at the same time!

I wish there will be this kind of activity next year. Although the movie is quite old, I have watched this movie on TV before, I like to have this kind of sunset cinema again. That was very comfortable to watch movie and that is free of charge too!