After heavy rain and damaging storms on Sunday night, I am ok. For the affects for us, that was just about a day power outage. We lost electrical power since 6pm Sunday to around 4am today. For other parts of Brisbane, I heard about from friends, there were some floods.  This morning, my friend sent me some photos which took in Riverside near Eagle Street last night, the pathway had water.


The restaurant near the citycat pier had some water went inside too.

Moreover, when I drove around this morning, everywhere  had some trees fallen down. I went the park nearby, the pathway had full of falling trees! I did not felt safe to walk around.Falling Trees@After Storm

However, in general, that is not as bad as the 2011 floods in Brisbane. We are so glad about that.

Super Wet in Brisbane

Super Wet in Brisbane


Since yesterday, our Queensland  serves the extreme weather. Northern Queensland has some floods and tornadoes.  That was very bad.

Today, the bad weather is moving to Brisbane.  There is heavy rain around Brisbane. When I went to Garden City this afternoon for lunch, some of roads have very minor floods. Moreover, there were very very strong winds.   After my lunch, I backed to home.  The weather went more worse.  Now, there are strong winds and heavy winds. I suggest  everyone in Brisbane should stay home and keep your eyes on the notification for this extreme weather from Queensland Government Website.

Australian Day Festival

Australian Day Festival

Source:Open Clip Art Using Under Public Domain Attribution

This Saturday is our Australian Day. There will be a lot of celebrations across the states. For our Brisbane, i think the largest event is the Australian Day Festival at the Southbank parkland. This event will start at 10am. There will have some live performances.Also, the key part will be the flag raising ceremony at 11.30am. The defense force will raise the flags for Australian,  Queensland ,Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in the Culture Front. Moreover, 21-gun military salute and F/A-18F Super Hornet flypast will be the important part of this ceremony too.

That sounds a must-go event for Australian Day!

Australia Day Festival

Heatwave is gone!!!


During these few weeks, we got some extreme summer days. There were some 30 to 40 degrees hot days. Sometimes, i felt hot even the air conditioning was on. But today,we got some rains. The weather is cooler. Finally ,we got a break from this heatwave.

Melbourne – Iconic Laneways

Melbourne, a city full of artistic and cultural identity. Can you imagine a place can be unique, lots of fun and activities, full of characters and life? Well, laneways in Melbourne CBD has all of it!

Melbourne – Iconic Laneways- Restaurants, café, boutique clothing and speciality food

Restaurants, café, boutique clothing and speciality food from different county are some of the retail opportunities locals have and Melbournian enjoys.

Events - Melbourne – Iconic Laneways

Laneways have become iconic city landscape that allows for many activities, even brides and grooms take photos for their special day! Many memorable experiences can be found in Melbourne’s exciting laneways.




(Thanks for the report from LC in Melbourne)

Heatwave in Brisbane



That is so hot today! Some friends posted some notes in facebook about this heatwave. They told us in this afternoon, that was around 40 degree. Moreover,even every state has  bushfires! A few days ago, we even can smell smoke. We believed that was from the bushfires in bribe Island.  We have to prepare for this heatwave.

 penne pasta

I’m what you call a ‘flour head’ in Cantonese. What that means is that I simply LOVE eating anything made from flour, like pasta!
With that fact in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone that one of my favourite restaurants to dine out at is the Fasta Pasta in Springwood. The location is good and easy to reach. That is near Pacific Highway Exit and there are a ton of parking spots.
Fasta Pasta franchises are located all around the state, but my local restaurant is the one located in Springwood.
Currently, they have this special lunch deal for the low price of $8.90! There are eight dishes to choose from; these eight dishes include a variety of pizza, pasta and salad.
My personal favourite from those eight dishes is the penne bel paese, a penne pasta dish with bacon pieces in a creamy sauce. It’s tasty and good value for money!
Springwood Mall,
34 Fitzgerald Avenue SPRINGWOOD
QLD 4127
Phone: 07 3209 4900

Firework 2013@Southbank

I believe The most popular event of new year celebration is the count down and fireworks in southbank. According to the information from my friends who joined this event,there was a lot of people in there. The whole southbank river wall was likely full of people. Moreover,the fireworks was brilliant. That is the mixture of fireworks and laser in the show. They had a good fun in there. That is too bad,  i could go to there because of i had to work.