Kiss My Fish@Rochedale

Kiss My Fish@Rochedale
Fish & Chips is a famous dish in England. However, that is very famous in Australia too. I think that is because our Australia got a long coastal line and clear water.
Sometimes, I have fish and chips. My recently favor is Kiss My Fish in Rochedale. That is very tasty. Moreover, that is very value for money. There is a lunch specials for $9.90.

It won’t cost you much, please don’t think it comes with a small portion of food.  It has a full size fish fillet, salad and chips. Moreover, it  bundled with a can of soft drink! That is a very good deal!

Kiss My Fish
561 Underwood Rd,
Rochedale QLD 4123
Telephone:07- 3423 2227

Brisbane Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

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There are not too many Chinese people living in Brisbane, but we still manage to have a lot of fun come Chinese New Year!

We get to eat a lot of tasty dishes, because there are several special food items that only get served during the Chinese New Year period.

One of my personal favourites is the Chinese new year cake, also known in Cantonese as ‘leen gol’. For those of you who prefer hot food, my favourite is the ‘lor bark gol’ otherwise known as radish cake. Yum!

Having a special dinner together is also a big and important part of Chinese New Year. You get to eat a lot of delicious food, like ‘charsiu (Cantonese for BBQ pork) and roast pork. Oh dear, talking about all the delicious food available for consumption during the Chinese new year period makes me wish that it was Chinese new year again already; alas, it’s just ended!


Happy Chinese New Year

Welcome Chinese New Year Festival;Tomorrow is our Chinese New Year. First of all, I wish to say ‘Happy Chinese New Year’. Our Brisbane has not many activities, that is nearly same as others weekdays. However, we still have some celebrations,such as lion dance in sunnybank plaza at 10.30am tomorrow. Well that is good enough. I am in Australia now.

Note: In the photo above is Welcome Chinese New Year Festival in Sunnybank Plaza Car Park. That is quite interesting.  When I was in there this afternoon, I saw some traditional Chinese Performances in there.

Sunnybank Plaza

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St
QLD 4109


About a week from the storms and floods, the weather is getting normal. Moreover, it gets too cooler. I love this kind of weather a lot. I hope the crazy weather won’t come back!