penne pasta

I’m what you call a ‘flour head’ in Cantonese. What that means is that I simply LOVE eating anything made from flour, like pasta!
With that fact in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone that one of my favourite restaurants to dine out at is the Fasta Pasta in Springwood. The location is good and easy to reach. That is near Pacific Highway Exit and there are a ton of parking spots.
Fasta Pasta franchises are located all around the state, but my local restaurant is the one located in Springwood.
Currently, they have this special lunch deal for the low price of $8.90! There are eight dishes to choose from; these eight dishes include a variety of pizza, pasta and salad.
My personal favourite from those eight dishes is the penne bel paese, a penne pasta dish with bacon pieces in a creamy sauce. It’s tasty and good value for money!
Springwood Mall,
34 Fitzgerald Avenue SPRINGWOOD
QLD 4127
Phone: 07 3209 4900

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