Christmas lights @Kingston Early of this week i went to calamvale for watching Christmas lights. But that was a bit disappointed, not every house has and setup Christmas lights in his/her garden.

Thus, i did some researches for this. Finally, I found the information from 4KQ Radio.There is a list of Christmas Lights winners.   Well, I picked a winner’s home which is near my family. That is the 2nd Place Residential South ,16 Edith Street Kingston.

That is very impressive!!! The owner turned their home into a giant Christmas light display!!! The whole garden is full of Christmas lights. Moreover, it placed a little railway system in their garden too!

Railway System @ 2nd Place Residential South


I believe your kids will love that! Please be quick to visit there, Christmas is only few days away. Those Christmas lights will be gone soon!


16 Edith Street

QLD 4114