Varsity Lakes

I like  Varsity Lakes a lot! There is a lot of green area and a set of walk path around lakes. Walking in there is very comfortable. I can enjoy of view of those luxury house. In addition, if the weather is good, you can have the sunshine and blue sky. That is so great! All of them are free of charge!

P.S. Varsity Lakes is the area with a master planning near Robina in Gold Coast. Continue Reading

Southbank - Riverside Walking Track

Sothbank Parkland is the old site of WorldExpo 88. After WorldExpo, the government converted it into a parkland. There is a nice place, there are tree and grassland. There is a Riverside Walking Path. I love to walk in there. I can stay the sunshine and fresh air in riverside. Moreover, I can enjoy the view of Brisbane View.

Brisbane City View from Southbank

I love it!I love it!I love it!The most of important is all of those enjoyable experience are all free! If we  visit Brisbane, you must visit Southbank Parkland.

Japanese Dumpling@HARAJUKU GYOZA

Japanese Dumpling and Beer sound  two different kinds of things. But last week, I went to a Japanese Dumpling Beer Bar,HARAJUKU GYOZA, at Fortitude Valley. There is a place to eat Japanese Dumpling while you are having beer.

Firstly, I wish to talk about Dumpling. They are a kind of Japanese Dumpling. They provides Vegetarian and Pork Dumpling which are the styles I had in Hong Kong a lot. That is not just usual style. They provides Duck and Chicken Dumpling . I like Duck Dumpling a lot. It tastes very very nice. Moreover, they provides very special dumpling, prawn dumpling.Prawn DumplingIt looks different from the usual dumpling. They are very creative.Well they even go beyond just that, they created a style of dumpling dessert, apple dumpling with ice cream.

apple dumpling with ice cream.

It tastes like apple pie. That is a kind of cool! I love it.

Secondly, that is their beer. I tried Sappro Beer, which claims the Oldest Japanese Beer. That is not bad, but that is a bit too large. A can has 650ml Beer. That is too much for me.

Thirdly, this beer bar is very nice and comfortable. I believe that is a place to relax and have a beer with your mates after work.

Lastly, I love there, that is a kind of fancy. I wish to go there again.

Address: 394 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Tel: 07-38524624

Fax: 07-32577144

Sweet Soy Chicken with chips @ KOFOO

Yesterday, I went to Garden City, I found there is a new Korean takeaway shop ,KOFOO, at the upper level food court. Most of food courts  has Indian, Chinese and Japanese takeaway. Korean takeaway sounds a fresh idea! Thus, I  went to have a try. The menu has some choices of Korean Style Rice and Spicy Noodles. They looks cool, those dishes are similar with the other Korean Restaurants. But I tried to “unusual” items in the menu. There is a set of Korean Style Cooked Meat with Chips. I tried Sweet Soy Chicken with Chips.  That is a kind of fusion dish. Not too bad, but more tasty like western style takeaway. I think their Korean Style Rice will be better.  There is one things really good. It sounds fresh. I saw their kitchen from a small window in the shop front. They cooked my chicken and chips after I placed the order. That is not somethings siting in the kitchen for long time.

I will go there next times and try their Korean Style Rice.



Upper Level Food Court,

Westfield Garden City ,

Corner Logan and Kessels Road,
Upper Mount Gravatt
QLD 4122

Try out Meetfresh

Taro Balls@MeetFresh

Last Saturday, I finally wend to the new dessert shop, MeetFresh, at Sunnybank.  I had their Taro Balls No.4 which included Taro, Red Bean and Pearls. That is very tasty. I love Taro Balls a lot. That is like jelly, I love this kind of texture! Moreover,  this dessert is not too sweet, its sweetness is just good enough! Besides, that is suit for my taste. It has my favorite dessert ingredient, Red Beans. I love all kinds of red beans dessert!

In addition, the price is fair too. A bowl of Taro Balls cost around $5,  and $1 extra with a discounted drink.  Note that, my friend like their dessert more than their dessert.

Lastly, their seat is quite wide. That is a good place for friends’ gathering.  You can order a bowl of taro balls and have some chit chat with a group of friends.

To sum up , their dessert is quite good and there is comfortable to sit. Thus, I think that is worth to try it out!


Shop 123 Suynnybank Plaza QLD 4109


Tonight, after my dinner at Sunnybank Plaza, while I was walking in car park I saw there was a fireworks. Is there somethings special happen tonight?

There are many good Japanese restaurant. Maybe, Japanese had a lot of investments around Brisbane in 80s. In those resturant, my most favourable one is Oishii Sushi Bar.

Firstly, Oishii Sushi Bar got a set of unique hand rolls, such as Snake Roll. That is the one I love most! It got a tasty salmon and Avocado inside. I love it! I love it! I love it! The unique feature is those roll are slightly fired outside. That makes it more tasty!



Another unique hand roll is Unatama Maki. That is a kind of Omelette hand roll. That is fancy! Moreover, it got tasty efl inside as well.

Unatama Maki

Unatama Maki

Besides of hand roll, their hot dishes are not bad too. I tried their Omelette Noodle. That is very tasty. Inside the omelette, it got stir fry chicken noodle with very tasty sweet soy sauce. I love the sauce a lot! However, I love their hand roll more than hot dishes.

Omelette Noodle

Omelette Noodle

Lastly, it located at Pinelands Road. That is the hub of Sunnybank which is so easy to access by cars! That is very convenient.

P.S. This restaurant is very popular, they are always full during dinner time. I suggest you phone to them for booking first.

2/70 Pinelands Road

Sunnybank Hills

QLD 4109


New Dessert Shop - MeetFreshYesterday, when I had my breakfast in Sunnybank Plaza, I found there were a lot of people lining up in front of shop near BreakTop. Well, actually, that is a new dessert shop, MeetFresh. I think those people were rushing to try that new stuff! I got a same thought too! Because I don’t know much about that, all I know that is a Taiwan style dessert shop. So, I am keen to go there and find out what is “MeetFresh” about! But I was busy yesterday, I will go there next week!



Sunnybank Plaza

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St


ChaTime@Garden City

Yesterday, I went to Garden City. I found there is a new bubble tea shop, ChaTime, in there. That is located at the ground level near BCC Library. Well, I love ChaTime a lot. I used to get bubble tea in their Sunnybank branch. Their tea is very tasty! Moreover, there are many choice of topping! They claimed them can form around an hundred combinations!  That is so great! So, I cannot against the temptation. I ordered a oolong tea with coffee tea, even it costed $5.20. That is quite expensive!

That is very tasty, if you go to Garden City, I recommend you try them!

Westfield Garden City
Cnr Logan & Kessels Rd Upper
Mt Gravatt QLD 4122