There are many good Japanese restaurant. Maybe, Japanese had a lot of investments around Brisbane in 80s. In those resturant, my most favourable one is Oishii Sushi Bar.

Firstly, Oishii Sushi Bar got a set of unique hand rolls, such as Snake Roll. That is the one I love most! It got a tasty salmon and Avocado inside. I love it! I love it! I love it! The unique feature is those roll are slightly fired outside. That makes it more tasty!



Another unique hand roll is Unatama Maki. That is a kind of Omelette hand roll. That is fancy! Moreover, it got tasty efl inside as well.

Unatama Maki

Unatama Maki

Besides of hand roll, their hot dishes are not bad too. I tried their Omelette Noodle. That is very tasty. Inside the omelette, it got stir fry chicken noodle with very tasty sweet soy sauce. I love the sauce a lot! However, I love their hand roll more than hot dishes.

Omelette Noodle

Omelette Noodle

Lastly, it located at Pinelands Road. That is the hub of Sunnybank which is so easy to access by cars! That is very convenient.

P.S. This restaurant is very popular, they are always full during dinner time. I suggest you phone to them for booking first.

2/70 Pinelands Road

Sunnybank Hills

QLD 4109


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