Brisbane Winter Festival @ Friday Night

Last night, I was in City around 9 pm. I saw there is a lot of King George Square. Those people were attending Winter Festival. The most of people were lining up for ice skating. I think that is because Winter Festival will end on 1/7. Thus, even that is late, they were still very keen to attending this festival.

Chicken Burrito @ Montenzuma

I like Mexican Food. There is a Mexican Chain Restaurant near my old office, Montenzuma.  Sometimes, I will  go to there for lunch, because they has a lunch special, $9.95, for Enchiladas and Burrito. At most of times, I will order Chicken Burrito. I love it a lot , a lot. This dish is very very chessy! In addition, that is with some tasty Mexican rice.  Lastly, I found after eating this dish, I felt warm. Yummy!


455 Brunswick Street,
New Farm,
QLD 4005

Tel: 07-32577188

Story Bridge@Night

Story Bridge looks impressive at day time. It looks more cool at night. They put the lights on the top of bridge.  The whole bridge will be light up. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful buildings at night around riverside too!


Fireworks@Surfers Paradise

Tonight, I was in Surfers Paradise around 8pm. Then I saw there are some fireworks. I don’t know what kind of event is carrying! Anyway, that is a great show, because the fireworks are set off from the beach. I felt that is very close to myself, that is exciting.

7-11 Coffee

7-11 Coffee

Last week, I tried a grounded coffee from 7-11. That is just $1. If you are walking in a street and do not want to spend much money on coffee, that is a good option. But my office has a coffee machine, I will stay to make my own coffee in my office rather than walking out to 7-11. I think I love the coffee beans in my office more!

Brisbane Winter Festival

Today is very very cold. The winter has arrived. That is also the time from Winter Festival which started from 8 June to 1 July.

I went to the place to held this festival, King George. I wish to check it out.

Firstly, I went to their major attractive, the huge skating ground! Brisbane won’t be snowing. Thus, a lot of people go to this skating ground to enjoy icy winter! But that doesn’t come with free. The entry fee is $29.

Wood Fire Pizza @ Winter Festival

If you do not know how to skate, that won’t be boring. Besides the skating ground, there are a few cabins. They are food shops which have a lot of delicious food, such as wood fire pizza and German Sausage.

Lipton Tent @ Winter Festival

In addition, there are some free stuff. Inside Lipton Tent, there is Chai Latte giveaway! I grabbed a cup of free Chai Latte too. That is tasty and good to have this during a cold day!

Free Chai Latte @ Winter Festival

Moreover, inside the tent, you can watch the people skating as well. That is so cool.

This festival has various performance, please find further details from their website.  You should not miss this!

Venue:King George Square


Winter Festival @ Brisbane

I went to King George Square today. I found there is ready for Winter Festival which starts from Tomorrow and ends on 1st July.The Lipton Tent and the huge ice rink  are setup on the King George Square. I think we can go to Ice skating tomorrow! Moreover, there are some shops in there are already opened for Business. They are  selling some hot food for this festival. That is really ready now! I will go to there and check it out again!

P.S. Winter Festival is a premier event in Australia. It goes to each major city in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.  The major selling point of this festival is a huge ice rink, you can buy a ticket to ice skating and there will be some ice performance too. Even in Australia, we have not snow, but we can enjoy a icy winter!

Butter Chicken @ Kanishk Indian RestaurantI tried the new Indian takeaway shop in Winter Garden. I tried Butter Chicken. The price is quite fair, $7.5. Moreover, it looks very nice, that looks like a picture. But it sounds a bit more spicy than the Butter Chicken I had before. I do not like that much.Maybe, I can try their other dishes to see whether they will be suit for myself.


Food Court,
Winter Garden Shopping Center,
171-209 Queen Street Mall,
Brisbane QLD 4000

At day time, our Brisbane got blue sky. That is very beautiful! At the night time, there is a lot of pretty things too! Such as Southbank. I took this photo at Victoria Bridge. That looks cool! At the soutbank, there are a shiny wheel of Brisbane and fancy Queensland Performing Art Centre which has a number of spotlights projected on itself. That is glorious! If you are in City at the night, that is good to walk to Victoria Bridge and have a look on the night version of Southbank.