Tamborine Mountain can also be regarded as a tourist area, so the price for dining out is relatively high. I want to find a reasonable price and sit comfortably. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult in suitable places. Fortunately, after a friend’s recommendation, I went to Fortitude Brewing Co. Of course, the most famous one is a wood fire Pizza. So I ordered 12″ PERI PERI CHICKEN PIZZA, which sells for $24. The portion is ok. Enough for two people, the taste is superb, the cheese is very fragrant, that is very “Creamy,” the texture of the pizza is very elastic, and the edge of the pizza is also very crispy. In addition, there is also a kid’s meal for $12. My daughter ordered a Fish & Chips kids meal, which also included a pack of juice. The price is reasonable. As for the environment, there are wide outdoor seats; that is spacy. The space is suitable for friends of the whole family. It’s also neat. It’s perfect. Finally, there are plenty of parking spaces there, our First choice for restaurants in Tamborine Mountain.

Address:165 Long Rd,

Tamborine Mountain

QLD 4271


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Maruya@Gold Coast

I went to the Gold Coast side in recent months because I bought the annual ticket for the Gold Coast theme park, especially South Port. Then I also wanted to find something to eat in this area. I accidentally found an excellent Japanese restaurant there. It calls, Maruya, which is very delicious.

Earlier this year, when I finally went to dinner on a Saturday, there were many customers.
 sashimi rice
First ordered sashimi rice at that night, it was very delicious,

There is a lot of salmon, and it’s plump!
 tempura with sashim
Second, I ordered tempura with sashimi, a few thick slices of salmon, plus two prawns, which was quite attractive.
sushi platter
The third dish is the main sushi platter again!

There are eight types of salmon, tuna, prawns, etc.

Of course, the taste is good.

eel rice
In the end, because the kid doesn’t eat sashimi, we ordered a bowl of eel rice for her. Of course, I also tasted a few bites. The taste is delicious, the rice has the sauce, and the taste is not bad! The texture of the fish is also perfect. My daughter should like it a lot, and eat almost all the bowls for her.

As for parking, Southport is also considered the city center of Gold Coast, so it will be more challenging to find free parking spaces!

However, this Japanese restaurant is across the street from the Australian metro. So guys stopped by to visit the Tangren Supermarket over there, and they could park in the parking lot there and enjoy three hours of free parking, which is much more convenient.
In summary, this meal has a lot of dinners! So now this meal has become our choice for dinner.
Maruya Japanese Restaurant
15 Davenport St,
Queensland 4215
Tel: 07-55271199\ Continue Reading

New Shanghai Garden city

Queensland seems to be recovering financially and returning to normal, especially Garden City. I went there a few days ago, and it was prosperous. There are also new restaurants opening, one of which is New Shanghai. I went there for lunch on that day.

First of all, I must declare that I am not from Shanghai, and I have mainly eaten Cantonese food since I was little. So please don’t take it too seriously.

Of course, I ordered the famous Shanghai dish, Xiao Long Bao(Soup Dumplings). The skin is not too thick, the soup in the skin is very hot! This quality is considered to meet my requirements. To

In addition, the shredded Shandong chicken noodles are used as the main dish. The Shandong chicken is fried a bit fragrant, and the skin is very crisp. I like that.

As for the wife, he ordered a bowl of fried noodles. The noodles is not too soft and not too hard. The portion is enough too.

In fact, the most significant selling point of this point is the location and environment. That shop is located in Garden City, the largest and most important shopping mall in our southern district. In addition, it is just next to the family entertainment center, Timezonemand the upper-level food court. Therefore, the location can be regarded as the most prosperous area in the mall. You can go shopping in the mall and eat by the way.
The second is the decoration, where the lights are relatively dim! It gives people a high-class feeling and interior decoration is a kind of very Chinse Style, so I believe the locals should love it a lot. Also, you can scan the QR Code on the table, and place orders online, which is very convenient.

Finally, I ordered two bowls of noodles and half a dozen soup dumplings for only $66.5, which is a bit expensive based on our consumption habits.

SHOP 2027/8,





QLD 4122

Tel:07-3161 1500
Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30am to 9pm
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Cache Cache Cafe & Bar

Brisbane is getting more people living, especially on Saturday last week. The Cyber weekend sales were on, so the major shopping malls are crowded with people, so it is not easy to find a place to have coffee and chat with friends! Fortunately, My friend found a good place, Cache Cache Cafe and Bar in Rochedale Village. That mall has not any big department stores in this mall, even Kmart. There is a supermarket, Coles, so not many people will shop in this mall. Moreover, the mall has a big car park. Finding a parking spot in there is an easy job

Furthermore, the shop has been open for at most two years, so the decoration is relatively new, and the environment is quiet and comfortable. The coffee is not too bad, I have taro cake too, and it tastes good, and I feel delighted.
Rochedale Village
329 Gardner Rd,
QLD 4123
Phone: 07-3341 5355

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I love Hong Kong-style cuisine, of course, mainly because of my homesickness. In addition, I also like pragmatism and its “CAN Do” spirit. For example, Hong Kong-style milk tea is derived from English-style milk tea. In the past, Hong Kong’s economy was still underdeveloped, and the general public was not very wealthy. If you want to use authentic tea and fresh milk to make an English-style milk tea, most people would be afforded to drink it. In those days, the Hong Kong-style food stalls did not insist on authenticity, any behind the scene philosophy. They just looked for some low-priced substitutes, such as some low-priced mixed teas and canned evaporated milk. In the end, they created some things that look like English milk tea but are very affordable. In fact, in my impression, the Hong Kong-style cuisine I have eaten is not exquisite at all. In Brisbane, someone uses the spirit of Hong Kong-style cuisine to make food. The tastes of Hong Kong-style cuisine that are not “authentic” are very different. On the contrary, they will be more similar to localized Chinese food such as lemon chicken. It is easy to make, and it “seems” to be a Hong Kong-style tea meal.

Small Cake Place- Part 2

I have talked about how much I love the cake in the small cake place. Actually, both my wife and daughter ate some small cakes too. So I also want to talk about it.

strawberry cake

First of all, I will introduce the strawberry cake that my wife ordered. Of course, the appearance is quite exquisite! As for the taste, it is also desirable. It has a very fragrant strawberry flavor, and the texture is moderately soft and hard. Of course, I think that is a masterpiece.

And my daughter ordered the green tea-flavored Swiss roll. The daughter likes it very much, and the green cake is all around her mouth. She has used this way to tell everyone that this cake is very delicious! I tasted a bit of it. It has a solid green tea flavor, and the texture is good.
I like this cake shop so that I will try it again.

small cake place

Earlier this year, at my friend’s birthday party, I had a very delicious cake, and the texture of the cake was so soft that I thought it was one of the best cakes in Brisbane! So I asked where my friend bought it? It turned out to be one. It’s called a small cake place. That shop was near the Fruit Grove train station, not far from my home.
A few days ago, I finally had the opportunity to try it! Because the bakery shop is mainly making custom cakes, there are not many cake slice choices for sale. I remember there are about five choices to be offered.
So I ordered a black sesame cake slice (~$7) on the day, this is very suitable for Asian tastes, and the cake texture is very soft! Not bad! It reminds me of the cakes that I used to eat in Hong Kong, and they are very fragrant. The taste of sesame seeds is very solid. The appearance is also beautiful.
In addition to the food, the environment there is good! It is minimalist, the decoration is mainly white and wood colors, the color is soft, and it is very comfortable! Although it is a small shop, the seats are pretty spacious.
The last thing to mention is that there are not many parking spaces in the store, and the Fruit Grove train station is nearby, so I believe that office hours of Monday to Friday, the nearby street parking spaces will be almost full, so everyone should be aware of parking. We didn’t have this problem on Saturday when we went there. A lot of parking spaces are in the train station are very convenient!
The cakes in this shop are delicious. So if someone has a birthday next time, they will go there to order cakes and try their real skills!

Adress:Shop 3/83 Mango St, Runcorn QLD 4113

Business Hours: Wed-Sun, 11am to 5pm

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Japanese ramen is very popular in Brisbane, not only us, with strong Asian background, love it. A lot of local Aussie like that. I think that is the major reason, and our Brisbane CBD has a lot of good Japanese ramen restaurants. One of those i love is MEN YA GO. I tried that one again this week. I ordered a Shoyu Tonkotsu costs $14.80, which is a bit expensive, but it tastes great. The noodle texture is very firmly, which I like. And the soap base is with good flavor, a lot of sesame flavor. Moreover, it has free extra noodles too. But it already put in your bowl, rather than put in an individual bowel like others.
I love it, and i will have it again if I go to the city back.

Shop 4 123 Albert St,
Brisbane City QLD 4000
07 3211 3129
Trading Hours:
Mon – Thu:11:30 am – 8:00 pm
Friday:11:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday :12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Central Plaza 1,
Shop 2/345 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
07 3220 3924
Trading Hours:
Mon – Fri:10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun:Closed

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Kid Eat Free at IKEA

Kids Eat Free

During these two weeks, that is the school holidays period. You may be headache about finding the activities for children. Maybe, shopping IKEA is a good option. From today to 14/07, free meal for kids under 12 from kids menu with any adult main meal purchased. That is a good deal. Moreover, after our shopping in IKEA, you can bring your children to Daisy Hills Kola Center, they can see koalas in a natural outdoor setting. This activity is free too

The Deck - Glen Hotel Dinner

Last night, the parents and I hit the Glen Hotel for dinner; it was my shout!

The Glen Hotel’s the nearest eating place to where we live; it’s literally just down the street!

Dearest dad wanted steak so I ordered one for him exactly the way he likes it: “medium rare with pepper sauce, please.” As for mother and I, we ordered a fisherman’s platter to share.

We chose a comfortable booth seat to sit. The other option would have been outside with our backs to the heaters that look like street lamps but last night wasn’t too cold so we picked a spot inside.

Our food came only after a short wait and it was delicious! The fisherman’s platter came not only with battered fish and chips, but even calamari rings and a scallop! Dad’s steak arrived practically bleeding (which was fair enough; I’d ordered it medium rare for him after all) and we all shared, although mother and I only nibbled the edges of dad’s steak because we prefer our meat cooked, thank-you very much!

Best of all, there was even live entertainment! Just one lone man with a guitar but because he used a mixer, it honestly sounded like he had extra vocals and a band to back him up! Dad and I clapped heartily for him whenever he finished a song; as we left I waved and he flashed me a thumbs up~

To top the night off we even ordered an adorable mini little round strawberry cheesecake to share. As with everything we share between the three of us, I cut dad half while mother and I had one quarter each. Mother also enjoyed all the cream squirted to one side of the plate!

All in all, what a night: it’s great to discover that you can have a fancy dinner out for three people costing less than one hundred dollars!


24 Gaskell Street
Eight Mile Plains
QLD 4113
Tel:07- 3270 6666

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