I love Hong Kong-style cuisine, of course, mainly because of my homesickness. In addition, I also like pragmatism and its “CAN Do” spirit. For example, Hong Kong-style milk tea is derived from English-style milk tea. In the past, Hong Kong’s economy was still underdeveloped, and the general public was not very wealthy. If you want to use authentic tea and fresh milk to make an English-style milk tea, most people would be afforded to drink it. In those days, the Hong Kong-style food stalls did not insist on authenticity, any behind the scene philosophy. They just looked for some low-priced substitutes, such as some low-priced mixed teas and canned evaporated milk. In the end, they created some things that look like English milk tea but are very affordable. In fact, in my impression, the Hong Kong-style cuisine I have eaten is not exquisite at all. In Brisbane, someone uses the spirit of Hong Kong-style cuisine to make food. The tastes of Hong Kong-style cuisine that are not “authentic” are very different. On the contrary, they will be more similar to localized Chinese food such as lemon chicken. It is easy to make, and it “seems” to be a Hong Kong-style tea meal.

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