Using fountain pens is a niche hobby in Brisbane, but I enjoy the feeling of writing. However, many fountain pen supplies can be found on the market. For example, this Pilot’s Kakuno fountain pen can be found in the stationery chain store, Officeworks. And it only cost $20, including ink cartridge, and made in Japan. That is very valuable for money.

Moreover, the writing is smooth, and the pen body has a variety of colors to choose from, so many female fountain pen users like to use this pen. In addition, the pen body is made of plastic, which is lightweight and polygonal, which is very ergonomic,. That is very suitable for writing during the whole day. The only downside is that there is only a medium-sized nib available in Officeworks. If you are looking for a different size nib, you need to buy it from another online store, which costs a few dollars more.

Supplementary information: If you want to use bottled ink, you need to buy a converter. Because the Pilot uses its proprietary ink supply system, you can use the Pilot CON-40 ink converter. It can be found in some online stationery stores and eBay.