In the past, there was a very affordable Korean restaurant in Warrigal Square, Madtongsan III. We visited there very often, but it closed down a few years ago. Fortunately, she has other branches.
On the night of Lunar new year, I wanted to go out to eat, but all Chinese restaurants were full! Then Go for Korean food! So we went to Madtongsan’s market square branch. My wife likes that restaurant very much too, so I can also take this opportunity to recall some memory!
That night, we first took a look at their menu, which is similar to the previous one. There is also my favorite, hot stone rice, and there are free Korean side dishes, and they are free for the refill!
We ordered a bowl of hot stone rice and fried chicken fillet rice that night. The stone rice is delicious. I like the stone bowel, which makes the rice always warm! As for the fried chicken rice, it is also excellent!
In the end, I wish to mention the price, which is only around $13 for each dish! Affordable and significant portions! Value for money!
9 Lewina St,
Market Square
Sunnybank QLD 4109

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