During this week, our life in Brisbane is changing due to Coronavirus. This week, our government announced a lot of new policies to reduce the chances of people gathering. All restaurants only can offer takeaway, and all pubs and clubs have to be closed too. Even the Gym needs to be closed. All libraries and pools of Brisbane City council are closed. Our city is half shut down now!
Don’t worry. We are ok. All essential services are still opening. Supermarkets and food shops are opened, the doctors are opened too!
I believe we work hard, staying home if you can. That stops spreading the virus and getting the virus.

Ying Cha No.9 - Sunnybank Plaza

In Brisbane, there are so many new bubbles tea shops during recent months. Another one I tried recently is in Sunnybank plaza. That is Ying Cha no.9.
That is exactly located in the heart of Sunnybank Plaza, their food court. That is so convenient. I can have a bubble tea after I have yum cha. That will be a kind of funny match. Or after you did a grocery shopping, then you have a bubble tea.
A few weeks ago, after I did shopping in Sunnybank Plaza, then I had a one in Yha Cha No.9. I ordered a brown sugar bubble milk tea. I do not know why there is a trend of brown sugar tea. I saw most bubble tea shops are promoting this kind of brown sugar tea. I like the drink I ordered. Firstly, it looks very nice.
Moreover, the tea tastes not bad. Furthermore, it is not too expensive, that is around $6. I also like the pearl in this tea, that is not too “rubber.”
I like it, and I added that shop in my list of choices!

Shop 11B,
Sunnybank Plaza,
Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St,
Sunnybank QLD 4109

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