Brisbane City Christmas

Last night, I also went out to Brisbane. There was a lot of people as if back to Hong Kong, Myer Center parking car was almost full.

Brisbane Christmas Parade 2017 Brisbane Christmas Parade- Angel Brisbane Christmas Parade - Three wisemen

In fact, that is not surprising, the city has a lot of Christmas celebration. Such as the 7 o’clock Christmas parade, there are many people watching; there were three or four layers of people in front of myself. And this year’s parade sounds more exciting than in previous years, with some of this year’s unique characters appearing on parade, such as the big angel. Of course, there are three wise men riding camels who are present in the parade every year. I think you should not miss that. Last two sessions of the parade will be on tonight and tomorrow

Christmas Fireworks

Also, of course, I went to watch the fireworks display at 7.45. But we did not go to Southbank, we just saw it at the entrance of the casino. Although Southbank did not see it so clearly, we could see it, and there were not many people. Unfortunately, the last session Christmas fireworks display will be at 7.45pm tonight

Also, the Brisbane City Christmas Decoration looks pretty!

Finally, we went shopping in the city’s department store, but it was a bit tired.


Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown Food Court

When I went to Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown last week, I found out that the food court was reopened after months of renovations. The food court has expanded, the old Asian supermarket in the upper level has become a part of the food court now, so I feel there is more space! And there is a new installation of some glass windows, it can let in the natural light, that made the area fresher. Also, after the renovations, it has some more modern outfits, and some tables even have some power points, these are for customers to use laptops. However, most of the food outlets have not opened yet. Only an Aussie style lunch shop and Subway are open for business.




This Monday, Gold Coast Light Rail (G:link) Stage 2 is officially operating. This extension is Gold Coast University Hospital to Helensvale railway station. Now, finally, The heavy rail and the light rail is connected. Therefore, you can go to Broadbeach from Brisbane by train and G:link. I think that is more comfortable than before by Train and buses. Moreover, I believe this extension is useful for Commonwealth Games next year. It can cater the enormous tourists for watching Commonwealth Games. Also, I believe this extension is good for Gold Coast further developments.

Now is only a week time away from Christmas. So, a lot of people are busy to do their Christmas shopping. In Brisbane, most of the major shopping centers extended their trading hours for them, giving them more time to shop.
From today to Wednesday (20/12): 9am to 9pm

21/12 to 22/12: 8am to 11:59 pm

23/12: 9am to 9pm

24/12: 12am to 6pm.

However, in the experience, outside regular business hours, only large chain stores such as Myer, David Jones, BigW, and K-mart are all open, so please do not expect too much.

Also, when I was in Garden City today, I found there is a gift wrapping service. This is very useful for Christmas shoppers

Finally, in fact, the real meaning of Christmas is not shopping, is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, so I encourage you to go to a church Christmas worship.

That is about 9 sleeps to Christmas.The Christmas celebration in Brisbane city and Southbank is full on now.
Firstly, you really need to visit the giant Christmas tree in the King George Square. At night, the decorations on the tree will be on. Every night, there are some Christmas animations projected on the wall of a town hall.

Secondly, from today to 24/12, every night, 7 pm, Queen Street Mall has Christmas Parade. There were a lot of performers dressed as Christmas figures such as Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

Three Wise Men @ Christmas Parade 2012
Also, Southbank is another hub of Christmas celebrations.

Sunset Cinema @ Artificial beach southbank

Every day until 23rd December, Southbank has Christmas Village which is a kind of Christmas Street Market. Also, in Southbank beach, there is an outdoor cinema. There will be two movies at 6 pm and 8 pm. For the detailed schedule, please go to their website for further details.


Lastly, it will be fireworks at 7.45pm in Southbank from 20 to 23 rd.

4KQ Christmas Lights

Christmas is coming. This is the time to visit the winners of 4KQ Christmas Lights. Every year, there are some Brisbane Families convert their garden into a kind of Christmas Theme Park. They placed a lot of Christmas lights in their gardens and some Christmas related decors too.
A few years ago, I went to the winner of South Residential for that year. That was marvelous. Th

ey placed 1:1 Size of Santa’s sleigh in their garden. The visitors could sit on that and took some photo. I believe this year winners will be marvelous too. In our southside, the winners are in Algester and Drewvale. I think I will go to one of them. All winners’ garden will be opened from 6 pm to 10 pm every night until 24th December. For full addresses of winners’ home, please go to visit the 4QK website.

IKEA birthday cake

Although my birthday does not arrive yet, I had my birthday cake in IKEA last night. This is because I am a member of IKEA family which is a customer loyalty membership. They send a coupon to have a slice of cake in IKEA free of charge. So yesterday, I used this coupon when I had my dinner in IKEA. Moreover, every Thursday and Friday night, IKEA will offer $2 Fish & Chips for IKEA Family Membership. Of course, I had that last night. That is enjoyable and value for money dinner.

IKEA Fish & Chips

Coca cola plus coffee

Recently, I found there is a favor of coca cola. That is a coffee favor. I bought a bottle of this kind of coke to try. That is not bad. However, that tasted similar to the coke candy and smelled like a cup of real coffee. That is not 100% my taste. Anyway, it got more 50% caffeine; it made myself awake. That is the things I like. If you wish to stay awake, I think that is worth to try this.

IKEA Clearance Event

Last night we went to IKEA to eat dinner, and I know where the clearance is being. We wish to check any good deals we can find/,

First of all, we have not seen any goods on sales yet; We found that there is a special meal is the $2 of fish and chips, really a good deal!

But that is only avalible Thursday and Friday dinner, what’s a value dinner!

Onion Rings@IKEA

There is $2 onion rings too! It tasted good!

After We have finished our dinner, we went to check out the furniture. First of all, we found $2 pack of plastic toys; you can buy a few pieces of toys for $2, what’s a good deal! Besides, we also see a lot of things on specials, such as $69 sofa and $5 for a set of double bed fitting sheets and only $2 for cushion, there are a lot of good value stuff

So if you have time, it is worth to see if there is any good stuff! This sale is only last until this Sunday (22 / Oct). According to IKEA website, there are over 400 products on sale, at least 40% off. Please be quick to sho!

Note That: $ 2 Fish & Chips for IKEA Family member only, but IKEA Family member can apply in-store and free of charge



Logan Exit 23

3539-3565 Pacific Highway


RiverFire 2017


Today, Brisbane Festival 2017 will be officially ended. That is the time for the largest event of this festival, Brisbane Riverfire, as the course event. It will start on Tomorrow 7 pm. At the time, there will be a ton of colorful fireworks at the River to light up Brisbane.
This event is not about Fire Works; There will be aerial displays from defense force at Southbank, not many other opportunities you can see the fighter jets from RAAF
According to the official website of Brisbane Festival,the timetable is listed as the below:

3.30pm RAAF Roulettes Display
4.30pm ARMY Helicopter Display
5 pm RAAF C-17A Globemaster flyover
5.15pm ARMY Helicopter Display
5.40pm RAAF EA-18G Growler display
7.05pm RAAF EA-18G Growler fly over as the start of fireworks

EA-18G is the latest RAAF fighter jet. Also, in memory RAAF Roulettes and C-17A Globemaster is the first year in Brisbane Festival, so I think you should not miss that.

I believe this event is worth to go! Thus A lot of people will go to Southbank for this. Then, the best way to there is using public transport. Translink will have extra services for this event!