That is about 9 sleeps to Christmas.The Christmas celebration in Brisbane city and Southbank is full on now.
Firstly, you really need to visit the giant Christmas tree in the King George Square. At night, the decorations on the tree will be on. Every night, there are some Christmas animations projected on the wall of a town hall.

Secondly, from today to 24/12, every night, 7 pm, Queen Street Mall has Christmas Parade. There were a lot of performers dressed as Christmas figures such as Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

Three Wise Men @ Christmas Parade 2012
Also, Southbank is another hub of Christmas celebrations.

Sunset Cinema @ Artificial beach southbank

Every day until 23rd December, Southbank has Christmas Village which is a kind of Christmas Street Market. Also, in Southbank beach, there is an outdoor cinema. There will be two movies at 6 pm and 8 pm. For the detailed schedule, please go to their website for further details.


Lastly, it will be fireworks at 7.45pm in Southbank from 20 to 23 rd.

4KQ Christmas Lights

Christmas is coming. This is the time to visit the winners of 4KQ Christmas Lights. Every year, there are some Brisbane Families convert their garden into a kind of Christmas Theme Park. They placed a lot of Christmas lights in their gardens and some Christmas related decors too.
A few years ago, I went to the winner of South Residential for that year. That was marvelous. Th

ey placed 1:1 Size of Santa’s sleigh in their garden. The visitors could sit on that and took some photo. I believe this year winners will be marvelous too. In our southside, the winners are in Algester and Drewvale. I think I will go to one of them. All winners’ garden will be opened from 6 pm to 10 pm every night until 24th December. For full addresses of winners’ home, please go to visit the 4QK website.

IKEA birthday cake

Although my birthday does not arrive yet, I had my birthday cake in IKEA last night. This is because I am a member of IKEA family which is a customer loyalty membership. They send a coupon to have a slice of cake in IKEA free of charge. So yesterday, I used this coupon when I had my dinner in IKEA. Moreover, every Thursday and Friday night, IKEA will offer $2 Fish & Chips for IKEA Family Membership. Of course, I had that last night. That is enjoyable and value for money dinner.

IKEA Fish & Chips

Coca cola plus coffee

Recently, I found there is a favor of coca cola. That is a coffee favor. I bought a bottle of this kind of coke to try. That is not bad. However, that tasted similar to the coke candy and smelled like a cup of real coffee. That is not 100% my taste. Anyway, it got more 50% caffeine; it made myself awake. That is the things I like. If you wish to stay awake, I think that is worth to try this.

IKEA Clearance Event

Last night we went to IKEA to eat dinner, and I know where the clearance is being. We wish to check any good deals we can find/,

First of all, we have not seen any goods on sales yet; We found that there is a special meal is the $2 of fish and chips, really a good deal!

But that is only avalible Thursday and Friday dinner, what’s a value dinner!

Onion Rings@IKEA

There is $2 onion rings too! It tasted good!

After We have finished our dinner, we went to check out the furniture. First of all, we found $2 pack of plastic toys; you can buy a few pieces of toys for $2, what’s a good deal! Besides, we also see a lot of things on specials, such as $69 sofa and $5 for a set of double bed fitting sheets and only $2 for cushion, there are a lot of good value stuff

So if you have time, it is worth to see if there is any good stuff! This sale is only last until this Sunday (22 / Oct). According to IKEA website, there are over 400 products on sale, at least 40% off. Please be quick to sho!

Note That: $ 2 Fish & Chips for IKEA Family member only, but IKEA Family member can apply in-store and free of charge



Logan Exit 23

3539-3565 Pacific Highway


RiverFire 2017


Today, Brisbane Festival 2017 will be officially ended. That is the time for the largest event of this festival, Brisbane Riverfire, as the course event. It will start on Tomorrow 7 pm. At the time, there will be a ton of colorful fireworks at the River to light up Brisbane.
This event is not about Fire Works; There will be aerial displays from defense force at Southbank, not many other opportunities you can see the fighter jets from RAAF
According to the official website of Brisbane Festival,the timetable is listed as the below:

3.30pm RAAF Roulettes Display
4.30pm ARMY Helicopter Display
5 pm RAAF C-17A Globemaster flyover
5.15pm ARMY Helicopter Display
5.40pm RAAF EA-18G Growler display
7.05pm RAAF EA-18G Growler fly over as the start of fireworks

EA-18G is the latest RAAF fighter jet. Also, in memory RAAF Roulettes and C-17A Globemaster is the first year in Brisbane Festival, so I think you should not miss that.

I believe this event is worth to go! Thus A lot of people will go to Southbank for this. Then, the best way to there is using public transport. Translink will have extra services for this event!

Brisbane Festival 2017

Last week, I was in the city for a user group meeting. Thus, I took this opportunity to visit the main venue of Brisbane Festival in Southbank where is near my meeting place.
I arrived around 5 pm. There were not too many people. I feel quite comfortable, and there was not too crowded. I guess the most of people were still at work.
Although that was still a bit of early, I saw there were a few people at the entrance of Arcadia. They were standing in front of “Brisbane”sign for photo taking. I think that is a must-do activity.
Besides, there are a lot of people sitting in the open space pub for eating pizza and having a cup of beer.

Brisbane Festival Bar & Cafe
Lastly, I saw there was a big screen in the middle of Arcadia. A cartoon in that screen can talk with the people in front of itself. That sounds interesting; I saw some people taking a photo in front of this screen.

That is too bad, and I needed to rush back to the meeting. If not, I would buy a ticket to enter Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent where has some music acts, floor shows and circus bravery. (Actually, I don’t want to spend money at all. Having meeting is just an excuse).
I think that is worth to visit if you will be nearby Southbank. It won’t last long; the festival is ended on 30 the September.

There are a lot of activities in this area this month.In Brisbane, We have Brisbane Festival. Also in Toowoomba, there is also a major event happening. This is The Carnival of Flowers, which held from 15th to 24th September.

The Chronicle Garden Competition

First of all, I need to recommend you visit the private gardens of the Chronicle Garden Competition and I think that is a must-do event. Many passionate locals turned their private gardens into stunning floral showpiece . to participate in this competition. Those gardens are gorgeous, and some gardens are big, like a small botanic garden. For the detailed address of those gardens, you need to buy the 15th Septemeber of The Chronicle which is available in most of the local newsagent in Toowoomba. And if you would like to spend a bit, there are some bus groups to take you to those gardens, Toowoomba Visitor Information Center will have more information about this.

Queens Park


Besides, there is a large carnival and flower show in queens park. It is the main site of this activity.


USQ Japanese garden

Besides queens park and those private gardens, the USQ Japanese garden is also a must-do place. There are also many flowers in full bloom, very beautiful.That is an Authentic Japanese Graden. If you read those photo I took in there; you cannot imagine that in Toowoomba, not in Japan.

Grand Central Floral Parade Float Parade

If you have time, you can also participate in the Grand Central Floral Parade parade on 16th September at 3 pm. By then, there are dozens of flowery floats will parade near Queens Park.

Toowoomba Picnic Point

Please do not miss the Picnic Point. There are not too many blooming flowers to enjoy, but there is a beautiful scenery. Where you can take a panoramic view of Toowoomba.

I believe that this will be suitable for your whole family, that will be the best activity for you this weekend

Brisbane Festival 2017

From now to 30th September, we have a major annual event held in Brisbane, Brisbane Festival. There are different activities in the Brisbane district, such as the various art performance held in New Farm’s Power House. However, the main event is to focus on Southbank’s culture forecourt, which is called Treasury Brisbane Arcadia. There has been a small theater, Courier-Mail Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent, where there are some musical performances. Of course, besides of live entertainment, there is a place for eating and drinking.T here are several food stalls and an outdoor bar.

Also this year, Kelvin Grove’s QUT Creative Industries Precinct has the Theater Republic, and there are some free live music shows and food stalls.

Of course, I would like to participate in RiverFire fireworks show at Brisbane River on 30 th September we must not miss!

The details of the different activities can be found on their website

EKKA started today

EKKA 2014

EKKA, I believe that is the largest event in Brisbane, started today! This event holds in RNA showground until 20/8.  This year is 140th EKKA show.

Originally, this event is an agriculture show. Of course, during the show, you can see a lot of livestock and crops.

Nowadays, EKKA got a lot of various activities. It sounds like a carnival. It got some rides and some live performances and firework displays at night!

If you go to EKKA, you should miss their show bags which is a bag contains commercial merchandise. This merchandise will have much higher value than the price tag of a showbag.

Also, this year got a new feature, the gourmet plaza. That is similar a street food market; you can enjoy from street foods in there. The stalls are from various restaurants such as Eat Fresh Mexican and Let’s Do Yum Cha.

Please do not miss that! However, the ticket price is quite high. For adults, each ticket cost $32. Children ticket cost $21. There is a cheaper option if you just want to watch the night show and having a dinner in there. You can get a Twilight Ticket for $16, if you choose to enter after 6pm.