Yuen's Market@CalamvaleRecently, Yuen’s Market opened a new branch in Calamvale Marketplace. Finally, I had a chance to visit this Asian grocery store at the early of this week.
This store is smaller than others branches of Yuen’s Market, much smaller than the one in Sunnybank, that is a kind of “express” version of Yuen’s Market, there are only a few rows of shelves. However, you can find the Asian vegetables, instances noodles, Asian frozen food, and snacks, even there are some fresh fillets to sell. Of course, if I need to do my grocery shopping for my dinner, I will go to Sunnybank, there are more choices. If I need to buy one or two things only, I will go to this store, because that is closer than my home. Also, I was in there around 7pm, this store was still opening for business. I think this store will close around 8pm. That is quite convenient, so that is a good things for who live in Calamvale.



Corner Beaudesert & Nottingham Roads
QLD 4116

Garden City

Today is 15th of the first month in Lunar Calendar.  That is Festival of Lanterns. In Chinese tradition, we will go to a Night market. This year, Westfield Garden City will follow this Chinese tradition. There will be an Asian night market in Town Square from 4 pm to 9 pm today.  However, the stalls are from 8 Street in Garden City, will they provide some unique dishes for tonight only? Anyway, having in an open space will be a bit of little. Moreover, at 5pm, there will be Lion Dance performance. Thus, if you will be in Garden City this afternoon, you can come to Town Square for this event.

20% off storewide in Hanaro Mart

Yesterday, I was in Time Square. I saw the Korean Grocery Store is running a promotion for Chinese New Year, 20% off store wide. I read the information in the store; this promotion will apply to all branches until 29/01. That is great! Tomorrow, I will go to Hanaro Mart at Calamvale Central. I want to buy some snacks!

Lunar New Year Coming

Chinese New Year

A few days, when I did my grocery shopping at Coles, I saw the gift box for Lunar New Year(Chinese New Year) were sold in there. Is Lunar New Year coming? Thus, I did a google search. I found this Saturday,28/01, is Lunar New Year. Then my next question is any celebrations in Brisbane. Well, Google gave the answer too.
Of course, there will be a lot of celebrations in Sunnybank Plaza where is a hub of the Chinese community. From today to 29/01, every morning 10:30 am, there will be a Lion Dance (with Kung Fu demonstrations during the weekends) in front of Hoyts cinema. Also, 29/01 3 pm, there will be a dragon dance in the food court.
This year, Westfield Garden City joined the celebration of Chinese New year. There will be some celebration activities during 27/01(5 pm – 6:30 pm) and 28/01(4:30 pm – 8 pm) Of course, the activities included Lion Dance which is a “must-have” performance for Chinese new year. Moreover, at 7:30pm, 28/01(the Chinese new year day), there will have fireworks too. Please do not miss that!

FireworksThere will be a fireworks display in Southbank tomorrow again. This times is for Australia Day. The fireworks display will start at 7:30 pm tomorrow.
According to my experiences during past years, there were a lot of people attended, but there were much less number of people than New Year Fireworks. We were not very keen to take the photo of fireworks, so we did not want to be in the front row. Every year, we went there around 6:30 pm – 7 pm. I think that will be easier and more comfortable to watch this fireworks display.
I think if you have time, you should go there, that is worth to be a part of Australia Day if you live in Australia.

Black Ink Coffee


I worked in Brisbane Technology Park for a while. During last year, there are a few of new buildings too. I believe there are quite a fair amount of people work in there. However, there are no enough choices of Coffee Resturant. Fortunately, the new building at 4 Clunies Ross Ct has a new Coffee Shop, black ink coffee.

Black Ink Coffee
I like there; the atmosphere is quite modern and comfortable. Their coffee is not too bad. Also, they serve breakfast and lunch. I think that is a good place to meet some clients.




Address: Ground Floor, 4 Clunies Ross Ct , Eight Miles Plain Qld 4113

Trading Hours: Mon- Fri 6am – 3pm

New Year 2017 Fireworks

Tomorrow is New Year Eve. This is the time to celebrate the New Year 2017. The largest event is the New Year Fireworks; there will be two sessions in Brisbane River.
At 8:30 pm at New Year Eve, Southbank and Portside will have 15 minutes Firework show. If you have kids, this session should be suitable for you. You can go home at 8:45 pm. That should not be too late for kids.
The main session will be at the midnight of New year 2017 as the welcome of 2017. The fireworks will be in Eargle Street Pier, Southbank, and Portside. According to the official said, this year is larger scale than previous years.
In additional, that is good news. From 8.45pm to Saturday Early morning, the public transports under Brisbane City Council and Train service will be free. You can use public transports to see midnight firework without any charges
The vantage points to see the fireworks are Early Street and Southbank. Even Mount Coot-Tha can see the fireworks too; there can see all fireworks from Southbank, Eargle Street, and Portside. But I still choose to watch that in Southbank every year. Because during the fireworks, there will be some background music broadcast in Southbank and the countdown for the new year too. According to the information of VisitBrisbane, before the firework, Culture Forecourt will have an outdoor cinema and food court.
Please don’t miss that.

Queens Street Mall Christmas

Today is Christmas Day. Almost all shops did not open today. But the most of the stores will remain their normal trading hours tomorrow. Also, they have the large sales during the whole year. In the previous years, I bought some good value things on Boxing Day. However, a lot of people had the same thought of mine. Some of them even go to the Stores such as Myer and David Jones at 5 am. They will line up and wait for the stores opens. They wish to be the first round of customers in the store and can buy all best bargains. Even you need to buy the best bargains, the most of the major shopping centers are full of people during that day. You need to prepare at least half hour to find a parking spot.
This year, I do not want to spend the time for finding a parking spot. I choose to do the boxing day shopping on online. The major stores, such as Myer, David Jones, and UNIQLO, have the giant sales in their online store. The most of them have free shipping offer for any customers who spend more than $100. Moreover, I can do the shopping now, I don’t need to wait for tomorrow. That is great. I only did a few clicks and waited for the shipping during these few days.

Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center


Yesterday, I went to Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center. I faced a problem I have never seen before. That is the running out of parking spots in Sunnybank Hills Shopping. There are always a lot of empty parking spots. I have spent 15 minutes to find a place to park and that was away from the entrance too. I thought that must be a lot of people to do the Christmas shopping.
I went to Supermarket for getting enough supplies to survive this Christmas Holidays. There was a long queue. A lot of people was busy to buy the food for their Christmas Eve Dinner. After I did the supermarket shopping, I went to a Chemist. I have waited for a half hour to get a Prescription Medicines. This long wait is understandable. Because a lot of doctors will take a long break during this Christmas holidays, so a lot of people need to get the medicines they required on Friday.
Well, today, I found my home was running out of milk. Then I need to go Supermarket again. That is bad. There must be more people than Yesterday. I went Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center. I was in there around 3 pm. It wasn’t that bad. I found a parking spot easily. I bought a bottle of milk in Woolworth without any queue at all. I think that is a bit late in the day. The most of the people did their Christmas shopping.

P.S. Tomorrow is Christmas day. Almost all of shopping centers and supermarkets are closed, even I hardly know about any shops will open tomorrow.


I remember my time in Hong Kong; we went to CBD. Those high rises will have some Christmas light decorations on their wall. In Brisbane, we will go to 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition Winners’ home to see Christmas lights. The winners spent months to setup light decorations in their houses and gardens for this Competition. They are very very professional, those gardens like a small Christmas theme park! So, this is a must-do Christmas event in Brisbane. For full addresses of winners’ home, please go to visit the 4QK website.

Also, I wish to share some photo I took the year before in 11 Lucy Drive, Edens Landing which is also the South Residential Winner this year.

In the garden, there were the Christmas Figures at their Garden, such as three wisdom kings and Mary to show the scene of Jesus born.


There was Santa’s sleigh in their garden. You can sit in there and take photo with friends. As I said before, that sounds like a small theme park!

Well You can see how cool they are, I think you must visit there!