End of Financial Year Sale

June is the month of End of Financial Year Sale in Australia. I heard about the reason to have this sale season from my friend who came to Australia a few years before me. He told me the department stores to sell all of their inventories before the End of Financial Year. This sale can make their balance sheets looks better.
Nowadays, I think this sale season is an excuse to make a quick sale. As a customer, any kinds of discount is good. I found a lot of stores got a huge discount from 50% to 60%, such as David Jones, Myer, H&M, and Bonds. I saw a jacket at H&M for $20 something in H&M last week. Lastly, I was in Target on last Thursday. There was a flash sale, within the hour, all clearance clothing got further 50% off. I bought two infant t-shirts which about $2 each!
Thus, during two weeks, if you have time, that is good to go a major shopping mall. Maybe you can find some good stuff.

Dyson AM05

In Brisbane, the cold winter has arrived. For the preparation of this, I bought Dyson AM05 Hot and Cool Fan. It can give us a warmer winter, and BigW got a good deal for $399. So, I got that in Harvey Norman (because that is such good deal, BigW has already sold out, so I did a price match in Harvey Norman).
Firstly, that is a bladeless fan which sounds safer if you have a kid at home. I do not worry our daughter to put her hand on the fan. Secondly, it looks cool! Thirdly, the fan is quite powerful.
But there are two disadvantages. First one is very noisy. I won’t put that next to my bed. Someone told me the latest model, AM09, got a significant improvement in this aspect, but it is more expensive. Secondly, that is the price, although I got a good deal. That is three to four times more expensive than buying a fan and a heater.
Lastly, I have used this fan for a few weeks, and I still love it!

Sunnybank Plaza


Tomorrow(18/3), Sunnybank Plaza will have a one day sale. The most of the shops will have some bargain offers such as OSIM will have $100 off on their handheld massager and W Cosmetics will have 200% off storewide.

However, the most attractive feature of this one day sale, their super 10 minute specials, which is a kind of flash mob deal. Some stores will have some special on a particular time, and these specials will only last for 10 minutes. I like tomorrow 12:30 pm, ChaTime will have a buy one get one free offer, and at 3 pm Gloria Jeans will have all drinks half price.

Please do not miss that!


Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St,
QLD 4109


Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center


Yesterday, I went to Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center. I faced a problem I have never seen before. That is the running out of parking spots in Sunnybank Hills Shopping. There are always a lot of empty parking spots. I have spent 15 minutes to find a place to park and that was away from the entrance too. I thought that must be a lot of people to do the Christmas shopping.
I went to Supermarket for getting enough supplies to survive this Christmas Holidays. There was a long queue. A lot of people was busy to buy the food for their Christmas Eve Dinner. After I did the supermarket shopping, I went to a Chemist. I have waited for a half hour to get a Prescription Medicines. This long wait is understandable. Because a lot of doctors will take a long break during this Christmas holidays, so a lot of people need to get the medicines they required on Friday.
Well, today, I found my home was running out of milk. Then I need to go Supermarket again. That is bad. There must be more people than Yesterday. I went Sunnybank Hills Shopping Center. I was in there around 3 pm. It wasn’t that bad. I found a parking spot easily. I bought a bottle of milk in Woolworth without any queue at all. I think that is a bit late in the day. The most of the people did their Christmas shopping.

P.S. Tomorrow is Christmas day. Almost all of shopping centers and supermarkets are closed, even I hardly know about any shops will open tomorrow.

Garden City

In past years, the most of the major shopping centers in Brisbane extended their trading hours near Christmas. Normally, they opened up to 9 pm during weekdays, on 23rd or 24th of December, they opened up to 3 am.
This year, they went much further. Tonight, most of Westfield shopping centers included Garden City, Chermside, and Carindale will open until midnight. Tomorrow, they will open at 8 am until the Saturday 6 pm. Therefore the centers won’t close on Friday! There are plenty of time for you to Christmas Shopping. Moreover, there are some stores, such as Myer and David Jones, have their pre-boxing day sales! Maybe, this is a good year for shoppers.

Coles got an extended trading hours

I come from Hong Kong. When I arrived in Australia, I felt very headache about the trading hours of shops. After 6 pm, the whole CBD became silent. In Hong Kong, we can do shopping until 10 pm every day. The most of the supermarkets will close around midnight. In Brisbane, that is a completely different world.
Recently, that sounds some improvements. The Queensland Government changed the laws to allow the large stores, which can open to 9 pm. A few days ago, I went to Coles. I found the trading hours has changed to response this change. On Saturday, the stores will open until 9pm. But I checked Myer and other shopping centers have not changed their normal trading. However, they have some extended trading hours for Christmas period. I wish all shopping centers can open until 9pm every day!

Masters-Final Sales


Yesterday, I went to Masters at Parkinson. I found there were 16 days to close down. Moreover, the whole store got 60% to 80% off. I thought the should be a lot of good deals. But after I went there, the most of the shelves were empty. The most of the stocks are sold out.

Empty Shelves@Masters I planned to buy some LED light bulbs and lawn seeds, but these kinds of goods were sold out too.


However, if you intend to have some home improvements, there were still some paints, wooden fences, floor tiles, bathtub and toilets left. Please be quick, I saw a lot of people bought these products yesterday.


In Australia, we like to buy a gift card as the gift as a wedding gift and a present to thank you someone help. Sometimes, we don’t know what our friend want. The gift card is the best option; they can use it to buy the things they like, and it sounds more polite than cash.
Also, Gift card always has a discount. For example, this week in Woolworth special. If you buy Myer, City Beach and Kathmandu gift card, $50 gift card has 1000 Woolworth point which can be exchanged $5 Woolworth dollars(you can use as a cash in Woolworth). $100 gift card has 1000 Woolworth point which can be exchanged $10 Woolworth dollars. That is 10% off. It sounds a good deal.
Please be aware this special will be ended on Tomorrow.

Fishermen Basket @IKEA

If you are a fan of IKEA and live in Queensland, I will you must be a bit upset. Currently, we only got an IKEA store in Logan. For us, we live in Brisbane Southside, that store is very accessible. However, if you are in Brisbane Northside, that is very not good for you. Fortunately, IKEA is planned to open a new store in North Lakes which is in Brisbane Northside, just next to Bruce Highway. That is still accessible if you live in Sunshine Coast. That is bad. There is another good. I checked their website; this store will officially open on 17 November 2016. That is not long away. If you live in Brisbane Northside, I think that will be worth to visit.


Exit 133, Bruce Highway
North Lakes
QLD 4509


Opening Hours:

Mon – Wed: 9am – 6pm
Thurs: 9am – 9pm
Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm

Foggy Brisbane

Foggy Brisbane

Last week, we had a very warm winter. During afternoon, there was up to 28 degree and also there was a quite humid too.  That made the most early of morning during last week was very foggy. I was able to see the car just in front of mine. I even could not see the traffic light around three cars away of me. I also heard some flights are delayed last week, because of the foggy weather. That is good, this morning, when I got up the cold weather is back, the foggy morning should not appear, however, this sort of weather is so easy to get a cold!