June 2016
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Real [email protected]

These few days, Antarctic blast is pushing the cold air up to north. This makes the temperature cooling down.  That sounds good to play with some ice. This may be the reason I saw there are a few people to attend Winter Festival  in King George when I was in City few days.

Ice SkatingI saw the giant ice-skating rink  has a number of people. Moreover, I saw the European style market had a few people to have some hot food. In additional, I saw a few kids were playing the real snow in  Powder Pit.

Powder Pit

That sounded fun too!

I think there is a joyful place to have a icy winter!

Winter Festival 2016 – Brisbane

winter festival 2016

In Brisbane, our winter is only about 10-15 degrees. That is not really, of course, there won’t be snowing at all. That doesn’t looks like a “real” winter for me.

Fortunately, from Today to 10 10 July 2016, Brisbane has the Winter Festival. During this festival, a giant open-air ice-skating rink is placed in front of King George Square. I think if you can have ice skating  in opened air and behind a Italian Renaissance style Brisbane City Hall, that sounds very “Europe”.  However, this is not free of charge. For adult, the fee is $28, Child from 5 to 15 years old is $19, under 5 years old child is $11. For family pack(2 adults and 2 children) is $60.


For this year, there is a new feature, a gain real snow Toboggan Slide. You can feel like sliding a real snow hills.

Toboggan Terror

This ride will cost $7  each times.

Besides of excitements, there is a traditional style European marketplace. You can get some warm delicious foods, such as hot chocolate , from there, after the playing time.

I think that should be a fun family activity, we have not a real snowing winter, but we can play with the real snow during this festival. The school holidays are coming, you can consider to bring them there!


Translink Fares will be restructured January 2017 – Most of people will pay less


A lot of my friends said taking a bus from home to city is very expensive, even a colleague told me the fares of public transports in Brisbane is the 3rd highest in the world. I believe that is truth, I live in Zone 5. I need to spend $5.96 for the bus fare from my home to Brisbane city. That is a lot. Fortunately, Queenlsand government will restructure their Translink fares. New structure will be activated on January 2017. I think most of people will pay less included myself. According to the Translink website, there are the few key points as followings:

  1. Currently, Translink included 23 Zones. In the new structure,  there will be 8 zones only. Therefore, each fare zone will be larger. Currently, I live in Zone 5. In the new structure, I will be in Zone 2.
  2. The fare of single zone will be reduced to $3.20 from $3.35. After the zones will be restructured, the most of people need to travel one zone to city. Therefore, that is only $3.20. I live in Zone 5, after the restructure, I need to pay $3.90 for the trip from home to city, instead of $5.96.
  3. The morning off-peak discount period is still keeping same from 8:30am to 3:30pm, but the evening off-peak discount period will extend from the existing period( 7pm to 3am) to the new period (7pm to 6am).
  4. All children from 4 to 14 year old will have free ride
  5. The fare will be reduced a lot, I think that sounds ok to change some existing free bonus. Now, if you are using go card, after 9 rides in a week, then you can travel free of charge in the translink network within the same week. That will be replaced. In the new structure, if you are using go card, after 8 rides in a week, you will be 50% off all rides within the same week.

I love these changes which saved a lot of travel expense for our family!


$2 Food Trail Sunnbank – Winter Version

This Saturday(18/6/2016,2pm to 8pm), Sunnybank Plaza and  Sunny Park will hold  $2 Food Trail again. Similar with previous years, 41 restaurants will take part of this event. During this event, they sell some small tasty dishes for $2. These dishes are various styles, such as Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese style. Of course, Boost Juice will provide my favor, $2 Kids Size Juice!

Also, there will be some live performances, suc as loin dance and live music.


That sounds attractive, for further details,please visit their website


Good value and fresh fruits and vegetables Rochedale Markets

Rochedale Markets

Sometimes, I and my wife go to some farmer markets for shopping fresh food. The food in those sorts of markets are fresher and cheaper than super market in the most of cases. Today, we went to Rochedale Markets. I found that market is very good.  I can find some good value of vegetables, such as Asian Vegetables and Mandarin. This pack of vegetables  is only 48 cents. That is very good, I cannot find such good value vegetable in other markets.

Asian Vegetables

I love this Rochedale Markets! And it opens 7 days per week too!


814 Rochdale Road,
QLD 4123

Calamvale New Asian Supermarket-Hanaromart

Hanaromart Supermarket

During these few days, Calamvale central is getting a bit quieter than before. The asian supermarket is closed a few months ago. Also, last month, Dick Smith in there closed.  Fortunately, when I did my grocery shopping last week. I found there will be a new asian grocery store, Hanaormart. I like Hanaromart in Sunnybank. That store got a lot of asian goods. Almost, I can find most of groceries I want in that store. And I found that store is quite neatly too. It will open at the same block which is the chinese grocery store. I wish it can attract more people to be there.

Calamvale central
662 Compton Rd,
Calamvale QLD 4116

$1 [email protected]

$1 Breakfast@IKEATomorrow, that is the final of IKEA Sale. According to the information in their website, there will be further price cut! Also, the breakfast has discount too. From 7.30am to 9am, they will provide $1 breakfast! That is very attractive.   Also, IKEA will open earlier tomorrow at 8am.




Logan Exit 23

3539-3565 Pacific Highway



Today is  a holiday, that is ANZAC Day, which is a national day of remembrance in all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

I think the most appropriate activity is watching the ANZAC Parade. There are many service men and women taking part. Also, the ex-service men and women since War World II are in the parade squadron.


That is a good activity to learn Australian History.

Besides this activity, actually many other activities you can, the most of stores won’t open to allow their staff for watching the Parade. If you want to do some shopping today, you will be disappeared.

For the activities you can do during the ANZAC day, maybe, that is good to have a good walk in a national park. There are many beautiful national parks around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Some of my friends went out to a national park today for having some fresh air.

Rather than those activities, I think this is having a break at home. This activity is I and my wife chosen.

Mcdonald’s Concept [email protected]


Yesterday, I visited a special Mcdonald’s  Restaurant in Underwood. It looks different from the standard Mcdonald’s restaurant setting, no cashier counters, instead of a big touch screen computer to order. Moreover, it has a open kitchen which you can see the staff to make salads and burgers and  all tables and chairs are more cafe-style. It looks like a cafe or a “Burger” bar. I think  this kind of restaurants settings are design for the new product of McDondald, create your taste burgers which is your own build burgers.  The kind of higher end of interior design is for higher end customer.


Also, I love the sauces bar, which has chilli and tomato sauces. The most important feature is the free water! I can drink this rather than soft drink!


When your order is ready, a staff will deliver the food to your table, you don’t need to pick them up at the counter like other Mcdonalds.


This Mcdonald’s has those advanced features, but their menu is same as other Mcdonald’s and in the same prices!


12-18 Kingston Rd,
QLD 4119

Bluewater [email protected]

Bluewater Festival

Today, that is Good Friday. The most of stores are closed. The Shopping mall is not a good place to spend time during Good Friday. Of course, the best event during Good Friday is the Good Friday Service at churches. Good Friday is not about relaxing. That is the date of Jesus took the penalty for us.  Our Church Good Friday Service is at the Evening.  For the afternoon, there is another event, Bluewater Festival at Shorncliffe. There are some live music, rides and market. Also, today is the date for re-opening  Shorncliffe pier. I think that should be fun!