There are a lot of activities in this area this month.In Brisbane, We have Brisbane Festival. Also in Toowoomba, there is also a major event happening. This is The Carnival of Flowers, which held from 15th to 24th September.

The Chronicle Garden Competition

First of all, I need to recommend you visit the private gardens of the Chronicle Garden Competition and I think that is a must-do event. Many passionate locals turned their private gardens into stunning floral showpiece . to participate in this competition. Those gardens are gorgeous, and some gardens are big, like a small botanic garden. For the detailed address of those gardens, you need to buy the 15th Septemeber of The Chronicle which is available in most of the local newsagent in Toowoomba. And if you would like to spend a bit, there are some bus groups to take you to those gardens, Toowoomba Visitor Information Center will have more information about this.

Queens Park


Besides, there is a large carnival and flower show in queens park. It is the main site of this activity.


USQ Japanese garden

Besides queens park and those private gardens, the USQ Japanese garden is also a must-do place. There are also many flowers in full bloom, very beautiful.That is an Authentic Japanese Graden. If you read those photo I took in there; you cannot imagine that in Toowoomba, not in Japan.

Grand Central Floral Parade Float Parade

If you have time, you can also participate in the Grand Central Floral Parade parade on 16th September at 3 pm. By then, there are dozens of flowery floats will parade near Queens Park.

Toowoomba Picnic Point

Please do not miss the Picnic Point. There are not too many blooming flowers to enjoy, but there is a beautiful scenery. Where you can take a panoramic view of Toowoomba.

I believe that this will be suitable for your whole family, that will be the best activity for you this weekend

Brisbane Festival 2017

From now to 30th September, we have a major annual event held in Brisbane, Brisbane Festival. There are different activities in the Brisbane district, such as the various art performance held in New Farm’s Power House. However, the main event is to focus on Southbank’s culture forecourt, which is called Treasury Brisbane Arcadia. There has been a small theater, Courier-Mail Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent, where there are some musical performances. Of course, besides of live entertainment, there is a place for eating and drinking.T here are several food stalls and an outdoor bar.

Also this year, Kelvin Grove’s QUT Creative Industries Precinct has the Theater Republic, and there are some free live music shows and food stalls.

Of course, I would like to participate in RiverFire fireworks show at Brisbane River on 30 th September we must not miss!

The details of the different activities can be found on their website

EKKA started today

EKKA 2014

EKKA, I believe that is the largest event in Brisbane, started today! This event holds in RNA showground until 20/8.  This year is 140th EKKA show.

Originally, this event is an agriculture show. Of course, during the show, you can see a lot of livestock and crops.

Nowadays, EKKA got a lot of various activities. It sounds like a carnival. It got some rides and some live performances and firework displays at night!

If you go to EKKA, you should miss their show bags which is a bag contains commercial merchandise. This merchandise will have much higher value than the price tag of a showbag.

Also, this year got a new feature, the gourmet plaza. That is similar a street food market; you can enjoy from street foods in there. The stalls are from various restaurants such as Eat Fresh Mexican and Let’s Do Yum Cha.

Please do not miss that! However, the ticket price is quite high. For adults, each ticket cost $32. Children ticket cost $21. There is a cheaper option if you just want to watch the night show and having a dinner in there. You can get a Twilight Ticket for $16, if you choose to enter after 6pm.

Garden City

Garden City will hold a food festival (Eat.Drink Festival) Tomorrow and on this Sunday. Yes, I believe this event may not be considered as a major event in Brisbane, but I am still keen to go. That is because Garden City is near our home. Moreover, we will go to Garden city for shopping or lunch at the most of weekend anyway. I think I do not need to take much effort for going this event.
Moreover, the programs are good, there are some free tasting activities and free coffee workshop. In additional, there are some discount deals during this event, for example, Jamaica Blue will have buy one coffee get one free offer. If you go to Garden City, it is worth to take the advantage to join this event
5th to 6 th August 20017

10 AM – 6 PM

HOT Star Large fried chicken@Garden City

Two weeks ago, when we went to Garden City for our Night Shopping, we found that the HOT Star Large fried chicken which is popular Fried Chicken chain stores in Taiwan opened a new store in this shopping center, near the Daiso. In fact, they already opened a
Branch in the Sunnybank Market Square, but Market Square is the lack of parking spaces and too many people, so I am not very keen to try that store. Garden City store is in a different situation, there are a plenty of parking spaces, and there are a lot of major department stores or supermarkets, such as Myer, David Jones, Coles and Woolworths so you can eat chicken, but you can do your grocery shopping during the same trip.

Because of the location of the convenience, so you can try to HOT Star Large fried chicken this times

I believe that Thursday, this shop should be opened for only a few days, so there are a lot of people wish to try this new store. I spent some time to wait. After I had waited for a while, finally I got my large fried chicken breast.

Chicken Breast@HOT Star Large fried chicken

This is a huge chicken breast, almost the size of my face. Also, this is very tendering too. However, that cost $ 8.5. Also, I got a small tip for you about this chicken breast, On Thursday, we bought the takeaway to home, although it is very delicious, that is not sufficient. On Sunday, we bought a chicken breast again, we ate that right away, the taste was different, that tasted very very good.

Chicken Wings@Chicken Breast@HOT Star Large fried chicken

Besides of chicken breast, their chicken wings are good.It cost $3.90 for three.

Sweet Potato Chips@Chicken Breast@HOT Star Large fried chicken

Of course, you think you had too much chicken; we wish to try some things differently. I tried their sweet potato chips, and they are also very crisp.

All the above things are very delicious. We had their fried chicken twice a week.



Level 1,
Westfield Garden City
Logan Rd  and Kessels Rd,
Upper Mount Gravatt
QLD 4122

Night Noodle Markets 2015

The annual food festival, Night Noodle Markets, comes again, according to their website, the night market will be started today! And until 30th of this month, it will open in South Bank’s cultural forecourt every night. During the period there are 23 Asian restaurants where stalls, such as:

Philippine skewers – Hoy Pinoy, there is a big charcoal oven to do skewers!

Hoy Pinoy


Hoy Pinoy

Charcoal grills

And Blackstar Pastry x n2 Gelato, Teppanyaki Noodles and so on. Also, I checked their menu, The last year favor, a watermelon Strawberry cake, will be still available.Last night, that was very popular. There was a big long queue in front of the stall.


Also as in the past, during the event, there are some live music entertainments.

Summary of the above points, it seems this year’s night market will be desirable.

But according to previous years of experience, the portion is not big. Also, we need to spend around twenty dollars to feel full. Please remember, this market is cashless. You need to bring your bank cards along


Fee: Free to entry

Date: 19-30/7/2017


Mon to Fri: 5pm til late
Sat, Sun:4pm til late

Location:South Bank, cultural forecourt

This Saturday and Sunday in Southbank, there will be an annual food festival, Regional Flavors.
During the event, there will be 80 stalls touting gourmet fare from chocolate to fruit across Queensland.

Also, there will be free cooking demonstrations from celebrity chef and industry experts and live music.
I believe that will be a good family activity for this weekend.


Location: Southbank Brisbane

Fee: Free to entry

Drewvale ALDI

Yesterday, ALDI opened a new store in Drewvale. I heard this is an Up Market Version, which is different than other ALDI stores.
Thus, I visited this store when I was off from work. Yes, this store looks different. The store entrance looks more high-end and a lot of parking space!

For the inside of this store, the shelves placed more neatly; the aisles are wider than the others stores too. The light is also specially designed. That is softer! The signboards are also big, very clear.
It looks fresh. It looks an upmarket supermarket rather than other ALDI which looks a budget store.
As for the goods, same as other Aldi, there are a lot of their home brand products and the most popular weekly limited specials. However, it seems to have more major brands products.

Perhaps, I have high expectations for this Aldi, I think this store is a little bit small, and the mall where the store located only have one other store, a medical center, there is no other shop, that is quite inconvenient.

In summary, the store is not bad; I like this store.


27 Illaweena Street
QLD 4116

Trading Hours:

Moday to Friday 8:30am to 8pm
Saturday 8am to 8pm
Sunday 9am to 6pm

Source:Open Clip Art Using Under Public Domain Attribution

That is not unusual to receive some letters with the correct address, but the recipient is neither you, your family nor your housemates. If you are just moving a new house, that will happen at all. Usually, the old tenants forgot to change the address to all companies which they used their service; you will receive the letters from the companies related to him/her. The solution is simple, if you are living in Australia, you just need to write on the envelope, “No Such Person” or “Return to Sender,” even you can add “Please Update your record,” then you just need to put the letter to any AusPost postage outlet, without stamps, that is a free service. So that you can send back the return address, and they will know your home without this person, should not send any letter to him/her. However, please remember not to open the letter, opened lettered will require the postage again, and other people’s letters are not allowed you to open that. Also, you should not put those letters directly in the bin; this is someone else’s property!

Steak Monday @Calamvale Hotel

I saw a number of my friends tried the steak in Calamvale Hotel. Finally, I had a chance to have that few weeks ago with my family.
That was on Monday. In every Monday, there is a special on the Steak. There is a steak meal on special, just $14.50. You do not need to buy any drinks at all; you still can have this special. That is a good deal. On that day, a Rump Steak main course was on Speical. That is a good deal. The main course included a steak, a bowl of Salad and chips. The portion isn’t small. I do not eat beef. Thus, I do not know whether it tastes good. But my relatives ate that, their feedback is good. For myself, I ordered a chicken breast. It tasted not bad and looked good!

Besides of food, the environment is good. This restaurant looks clean and fresh too. I will recommend you to try their Steak Monday.

Calamvale Hotel


Corner of Compton & Beaudesert Roads
QLD 4116

Trading Hours:

7 days a week
10.00am – 10.00pm