Chanoyu Japanese infused cafe

Because we have an annual pass for Sea World, we go to South port, which is close to Sea World a lot. Recently, we went there again, but that was a Sunday. Many restaurants in this area, especially Japanese restaurants, are closed on Sundays. So a friend introduced a Japanese-style coffee shop that would be open on Sundays to us, and I checked their Facebook page. It turns out that many friends have also visited it so that it will be famous, so I went there to try it.
The store is located in a small shopping street, just on the side of a park, so it can be said to be a low profile shop. In fact, the store is not low key at all. It is well known in the Asian circle of Gold Coast, and I saw some people buying takeaway coffee, we arrived around noon, and many people were already sitting for lunch.

As for the food, I just thought of omelet rice, which looks well, tastes good, the eggs are slippery, and the rice is fried well, which is very attractive. As for the wife, she just ordered wagyu soup and rice, and the appearance is beautiful.

wagyu soup and rice
As for the drinks, the most popular is matcha tea, and mine is the matcha espresso. Of course, it is very fragrant, and the appearance is first-class.

matcha espresso
There are also children’s meals, such as sushi and french fries. Although it should be nothing special, it looks quite good, and my kid really likes it.

There is one more option in my list of restaurants in South port, and if you want to have a drink and a meal, the laundry fee is about 20 dollars per person.


shop 1 / 19 Alicia st, Southport


Opening Hours:

Tue-Sun 7am – 2pm

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My car has been used for more than ten years, and I use it every day, so that is the time to consider getting a replacement. A new car is always more reliable and safe. Now, Electric Cars are starting to have more options. In addition, the Queensland government will start to provide a 3,000 subsidy for Electric Cars priced below $58,000 in July. I’ve thought about switching to Electric Cars again.
As far as I’m concerned, changing Electric Cars is just a matter of economics. The cheapest trams cost 40,000 dollars to nearly 50,000 dollars, which is more than 10,000 dollars more expensive than the average Japanese car. Even if my solar panel can provide enough electricity for the vehicle, the 10,000 dollars may not be more than the fuel used during the life span of a car. And the government subsidy is only 3,000 dollars, and it must be on the car priced below$ 58,000, and there are not many choices. Generally, the better electric car costs nearly $60,000, and there is no subsidy.
Furthermore, although the tram does not have a gearbox and an internal combustion engine, the structure is relatively simple, and maintenance will be relatively cheap. But it is always a real car, shock absorbers, wheels. These consumables still need to be replaced regularly. So there will be savings in maintenance, but not much.
In addition, the general electric car is heavier than the gasoline car, so it should be more energy-intensive.
Summarizing these economic considerations, I will switch to a general gasoline car.

Before, it was mentioned that buying takeaways in Yuanbao as Chinese New Year’s meal. So I ordered takeout there during the Chinese new year. Of course, it was a big festival, so I ordered takeout first in the afternoon and prepared it at the convenience food store. I especially chose a steamed Barramundi!


First of all, this steamed Barramundi, this steamed fish is the main feature of this meal, I really can’t do it myself.
The meat is tender and smooth, and the standard in Hong Kong restaurants is similar. It turns out that the style of Taiwanese steamed fish and Cantonese steamed fish is the same.

The second dish is the Sauteed Chicken with Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce, and Rice Wine. This dish has a very fragrant Melaleuca taste. The wine taste is not heavy, but it still has the aroma of a wine.

This New Year’s meal is satisfying, with fish and meat.

15-16/663 Beenleigh Rd,
Sunnybank Hills
QLD 4109

Tel:(07) 3323 360

Business Hours: Mon: Closed

Tue- Sun

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Automatic recycling machines

In the past one or two years, our Queensland also promoted the beverage can recycling program. As a result, each beverage container can be returned to the designated location to get 10 cents, and it can be fully automatic. However, this kind of automatic recycling point is not many before.
But today, I went to the garden city and found that there are several automatic recycling machines. You can directly put plastic bottles into that machine, which deposit the recycled money into your container for changes account, or you can generateWoolworths shopping vouchers with the same amount to be recycled. Garden City is our main shopping mall, and these automatic recycling machines are located on the side of the parking lot of Officeworks. There are plenty of parking spaces, that is so easy to parking.