Big Gun Restaurant used to be the place where we often go to Yum cha. However, more than a year ago, it was closed but recently I discovered that it had been reopened and had a new owner and was renamed the new Big Gun Restaurant. In fact, there is not much choice for Yum Cha near our home, so its reopening is good news. Because it reopened, we tried it out a week ago.
The time we went was around lunch there are already a few customers, so the atmosphere is good. Well, for food, it is not bad. My favorite is their shrimp dumplings, which skin are also thin and slippery.

In addition, it was good to hear their Chinese BBQ dishes, and they specially invited a roasting master named “Joe Ge”. So that day I ordered a dish of BBQ pork and tried it. The taste was very good. The pork skin is very crispy!
In summary, this Yum Cha is good, I believe I will go there again

Shop 7, Big Gun Shopping Center,

2922-2926 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119

Tel: 07-32198868

Fax:07-3219 8863