The Gold Coast is famous for sunshine and the beach. The sand in there is good, very fine. Thus, many children love to play sand at the beach. Beside of this purpose, it can be used to make sculptures. The Sand Safari Arts Festival is now held on the shores of Surfers Paradise until February 24, during which time more than a dozen of giant sand sculptures will be exhibited, all of which are lifelike. A few special ones. When you go to Surfers Paradise, it is worth seeing.

There is a good program this Saturday, although it is already 12th of the first month in the lunar calendar, Sunnybank Plaza has a New Year party. We are in Australia now, there is not a big deal! The New Year party is from 4 pm to 9 pm this Saturday (February 16) at the rooftop car park on the side of the cinema. During the event, there will be a few cultural performances at the stage such as lion dance and K-Pop dance. Also, according to their online information, there will be many children’s activities, such as face painting and making small lanterns. Also, many restaurants have also launched special foods, such as MOS Burger has Easy Cheesy Burger + Iced Peach Tea for $8.88. More importantly, there are fireworks display at 8.15 pm. This is worth to consider to go to this event. Please refer to the conference website for details.

Starbucks Happy Hour

From now until February 17th, Starbucks will have a 50% discount on all Frappuccino every day from 4pm to 5pm. If you are a member, you can start enjoying this offer at 3pm. Today, I also use this offer, $3.20 to drink a cup of Espresso Frappuccino, a cup of frozen coffee, so I can stay cool.

Espresso Frappuccino

This Tuesday is the Lunar New Year. Although the number of Chinese in Brisbane is less than those in Sydney and Melbourne, it has a few celebrations for Chinese New Year. In some Chinese shops, they put some Chinese New Year Decoration in their storefront. Also, some shopping malls and Brisbane Council have some Chinese New Year’s celebrations event. Of course, the most important Chinese mall, Sunnybank Plaza. There will be lion dances every day from 10.30 am for the next seven days, starting from Monday. Besides, the garden city will have more fireworks at 8 pm on 7th February. Also, the Brisbane City Council will hold a Chinese New Year event at the China Town at 4 pm on 9th February, including the dragon dance performance. We have full-on Chinese New Year!