Night Noodle Markets 2015

The annual food festival, Night Noodle Markets, comes again, according to their website, the night market will be started today! And until 30th of this month, it will open in South Bank’s cultural forecourt every night. During the period there are 23 Asian restaurants where stalls, such as:

Philippine skewers – Hoy Pinoy, there is a big charcoal oven to do skewers!

Hoy Pinoy


Hoy Pinoy

Charcoal grills

And Blackstar Pastry x n2 Gelato, Teppanyaki Noodles and so on. Also, I checked their menu, The last year favor, a watermelon Strawberry cake, will be still available.Last night, that was very popular. There was a big long queue in front of the stall.


Also as in the past, during the event, there are some live music entertainments.

Summary of the above points, it seems this year’s night market will be desirable.

But according to previous years of experience, the portion is not big. Also, we need to spend around twenty dollars to feel full. Please remember, this market is cashless. You need to bring your bank cards along


Fee: Free to entry

Date: 19-30/7/2017


Mon to Fri: 5pm til late
Sat, Sun:4pm til late

Location:South Bank, cultural forecourt