Jamieson Park@RedCliffe

I like to visit Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, because there are a lot of beautiful beaches such as Surfers Paradise and Kings Beach. Moreover, they are not very far away from Brisbane, only about one to two hours driving distance away. This is suitable for a day trip; I can save money for accommodation. However, there are a lot of people during public holidays, because there are too famous!!! I would like to have some quiet time, and that is possible in Redcliffe

Fortunately, there are many alternative getaway choices around the Brisbane area, such as my new favourite, Redcliffe. It is without a kilometers long beach, but there are some “small” beaches. Those beaches are very beautiful too! I like to walk along those beaches. In the meantime, I can enjoy the wind from the ocean and watch the blue ocean!!! That is very nice. Besides of those beaches, there are some nice coffee shops near those beaches and fresh seafood too! The most important part of Redcliffe is that it is peaceful. Redcliffe is not too busy. I can have some quiet time in there!

If you have time, I suggest you to visit that. That is about 1.5 hours driving time to there from Brisbane. That is not very far