Broadwater parklands

When we get off pacific highway to surfer Paradise,we drive pass a huge park near there, so far, I had not chance to stop in there. Fortunately, I had a chance to visit there and I finally knew its name, Broadwater Parklands!

That is a very very huge park with a big grass land, I love it! Moreover, there is a jetty!

Broadwater Jetty


This is the feature I love most!  I felt very comfortable when I had a walk in there!!!

Sculpture@Broadwater Parkland

There are another special feature. Some sculptures placed in the grass land. That is quite interesting!

I believe that is a place worth to visit in Gold Coast.

Melbourne – Iconic Laneways

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Melbourne – Iconic Laneways- Restaurants, café, boutique clothing and speciality food

Restaurants, café, boutique clothing and speciality food from different county are some of the retail opportunities locals have and Melbournian enjoys.

Events - Melbourne – Iconic Laneways

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(Thanks for the report from LC in Melbourne)