Chicken Drumstick Rice
I went to Sweet shine Taiwanese restaurant for lunch a few days ago. In my memory, more than a year ago, a meal cost $12-13. If it’s $17.50 to $19.50 now, it’s a lot more expensive. Fortunately, I ordered chicken drumstick rice. The taste is acceptable for a few big bowls of a whole chicken drumstick. The price is fair.
Address:Tenancy 28,
Calamvale Central Shopping Centre
662 Compton Road
QLD 4116


07- 3272 3121

Business Hours:

Mon-Tue,Thu-Sat : 11am to 7:45pm
Sun:11am to 2:30pm
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Fraser Island – Rainforest

The last time I went to Fraser Island, the first stop was to visit the tropical rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the world that grows on a sand island. However, some trees, such as the white gum trees, seem out of place and grow in rows. It turned out that those were not native, and people tried to plant them on the mainland of Australia. Before, there was a logging industry on the island, so the government introduced different kinds of trees to rebuild the forest and see if it could prevent wildfires. However, the tour guide said that it was not very successful. This is a historic rainforest where new species are introduced at will, and if they are lucky, the new species and old species may be done well. Thus, you can increase biodiversity. However, it can cause ecological imbalance under bad conditions, and even the original species will be wiped out.

Ruyi Dim Sum Shop

If you want to eat dim sum in Brisbane, you will think of Yum Cha. But, in fact, there is another choice now, which is the dim sum specialty store.
In Calamvale Central, Calamvale Lane, which was rebuilt from the original BIG W, opened a Ruyi dim sum specialty store. A shopping mall, there are Freshco Asian Supermarket and Woolworths, where you can stop by to buy food while you have lunch in Ruyi.

As for the food, the first thing is regarding the choices on the menu, there are also shrimp dumplings, buns and other food, which is not less than ordinary restaurants at all, and I think it is even better than
some yum cha restaurants in Brisbane and they have more choices. In terms of taste, it is even better. It is all hot and has the level of a restaurant. It is not like simply steaming dim sum from the central factory for customers.

I have been there twice, and both times I was satisfied. I have a good impression of that restaurant. First of all, I would like to talk about the custard buns. They are not bad. The custard is fresh and not too dry. Some work has been done, and the appearance is also very delicate.

In addition, I also tried the char siew crisps, which were all crispy.

There is also Golden Lava (Liu Sha) Bao, and a lot of yellow custard, but not too sweet or too much.

In addition, rice rolls are also a highlight, the skin is a little slippery, and it is also similar to the kind I had in Hong Kong as a child. Finally, there are shrimp dumplings. Although they are not the best in the world, they are still acceptable, and the thickness of the dumpling skin is acceptable.

Address:Shop 59 Calamvale central,
662 Compton Rd,
QLD 4116
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