Our Queensland is easing the restrictions as the number of confirmed cases is dropping. We started to go out as well. Recently, we went out to Harbour town for shopping. Before we went there, I was worried that not many stores are opened. Now, our borders are closed; there should be no international visitors. That is not good for the outlet mall.
When I arrived at the mall, I found I am worried too much. Almost all shops are opened. Many stores even have the queue in front of shops, because of considering the safety of customers and government regulations. The mall is quite busy! However, I have not found many good things. Most of the shops did not have a huge discount. Finally, I bought some clothes Addais 40% off and a $30 sport pant from New Balance. That is not too bad. Originally, I thought the shops would not have many customers, so they may give a lot of discounts to attract customers. But the fact is there is already a lot of customers. They won’t need to do that.