Nighttime Yum Cha @ Parkland Chinese Resturant

Traditionally our Chinese do yum cha in the morning. But around twenty years ago, there were a lot of restaurants that provided nighttime yum cha. At that time, that was very popular, because it was cheaper than having a dinner in a restaurant.
Well, nowadays, Hong Kong people are more prefer to have hot pot rather than night time yum cha.
However, in Brisbane, a lot of Chinese love to have night time yum cha, because that is cheaper than having a dinner in a restaurant. I also  do nighttime yum cha some times. The most recent one was on last Sunday. I went to Parkland Chinese Restaurant. I ate a various kinds of yum cha, such as pawn dumplings and custard  bun. They were tasty! I enjoyed the food that night.
Shop 38
Sunny Park Shopping Centre
Cnr Mains Road and McCullough Street
Qld 4109

Tel: 07-3345 4588

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