Handmade Product Market@King George SquareThere are a number of Street Market in Brisbane, such as the weekend market in Southbank and fresh food market in Brisbane Square. Recently, I found there is a new Street Market in Brisbane. This market will be held in King George Square, just in front of City Hall, on every Friday.  The most interesting part is all products are created by Brisbane Artist and completely hand-made.  That is very unique.



Sea Platter@Kiss My Fish


This is a six people size seafood platter.Actually, that is what I and my friends had for lunch last Sunday. Moreover, That was huge . It had baby octopus, fish, beer battered chips and salad. It was enough to feed us(a group of nine people). Lastly, the price is just $88.90 in total. That is super value!


Kiss My Fish
561 Underwood Rd,
Rochedale QLD 4123
Telephone:07- 3423 2227

Nighttime Yum Cha @ Parkland Chinese Resturant

Traditionally our Chinese do yum cha in the morning. But around twenty years ago, there were a lot of restaurants that provided nighttime yum cha. At that time, that was very popular, because it was cheaper than having a dinner in a restaurant.
Well, nowadays, Hong Kong people are more prefer to have hot pot rather than night time yum cha.
However, in Brisbane, a lot of Chinese love to have night time yum cha, because that is cheaper than having a dinner in a restaurant. I also  do nighttime yum cha some times. The most recent one was on last Sunday. I went to Parkland Chinese Restaurant. I ate a various kinds of yum cha, such as pawn dumplings and custard  bun. They were tasty! I enjoyed the food that night.
Shop 38
Sunny Park Shopping Centre
Cnr Mains Road and McCullough Street
Qld 4109

Tel: 07-3345 4588

Walking Street @Surfer Paradise


Today, I went to Surfer Paradise. Actually, I have not been there for ages, that should be more than six months. Well, I found there have a lot of changes. The area near Surfer Paradise Centro was closed for the renovations. This times, there is re-opened! I found there are a lot of new chairs installed!

By the way, I found Surfer Paradise Festival is taking place.  That is a lot of fun. Firstly,  at the beach side, there is a night market.  A lot of stalls are selling some interesting stuff, such as some magic tools!

Night Market@Surfer Paradise Festival


Moreover, there was a big music concert! A lot of people were attending this one!  Well, they had some fun in there!

P.S. Surfer Paradise Festival is from 27/3/2013 to 21/04/2013