Howard Smith Wharves
I finally went to Howard smith wharves for a walk earlier. In my memory, when I was working in the valley more than ten years ago, there were some old warehouses there. However, in 2018, this protected historical building was revitalised and became an entertainment district with a Boutique Hotel and mid-to-high-end restaurants. That day, I had lunch at the gecra Greek restaurant in the afternoon. The food was good. The blue sky and the river view, and the food scenery were already good. However, at more than 30 degrees at noon, it was muggy.
Brisbane Riverside
We ate lunch until dusk, then moved to felons for drinks. This is another riverside bar under the Story bridge.
While watching the bridge at sunset, I have another espresso martini, which sounds cool.
espresso martini
When I left, I saw a restaurant called “Stanley”. A few special ones.

I was talking with my colleagues today that technology has changed now. I recall using Java in college. Now that C# and TypeScript have been used, we have used Server/Clients. Now, everything is in the cloud. However, I suddenly remembered the classic textbook Design Patterns, from my college days (more than 20 years ago). Technology has really changed, and it has changed a lot, but it is basically based on the same theory, and the Design Patterns in the book are used today.

I have been doing programming for about 20 years. Whether technology changes or signs of progress, I can adapt to it because the basic has not changed. If the basic has changed, and I have reached middle age, I really don’t know what to do to respond the changes