Coffee Club - Coffee

In the most of situations, you need to pay more than other Asia countries for getting a same thing. But that is not the case for coffee. In Hong Kong, you can get a cup coffee in Starbucks or Pacific Coffee for around HKD$35(~$4). In there, that is around $4, nearly the same price. Maybe, in Hong Kong, normally, we will buy a cup of coffee and sit in the coffee shop for one or two hours. That needs to add the cost of occupying the space for two hours.

Well, back to the key point, which place has better coffee, Brisbane or Hong Kong? I think Brisbane’s Coffee tastes better.  I have not drunk a cup of coffee in Brisbane for a while, because I traveled to Hong Kong. Today, I had a coffee at the Coffee Club in Fortitude Valley. I found that is so great, that is even better than five stars hotels in Hong Kong!

So, I love the coffee in Brisbane more!!!

Coffee Club, Fortitude Valley

Shop1 455 Brunswick Street,

Fortitude Valley


Tel: (07) 3252 7427

IKEA – $3 Meal Deal

IKEA $3- Fish and Chips

IKEA has a new food offer. From 3pm every day, small meatballs, fish and chips and a warm Tuscan salad will be only sold at $3.

Last Friday night, I tried this offer. I have ordered a plate of fish and chips. That is so tasty. Moreover, because I am a IKEA member , I got a free coffee. That is value for money!

I highly recommended this offer to you! It will end on 6th April, 2012.  In addition, only Friday and Thursday, the restaurant opens up to 8.30pm. The rest of week, it closes at quite early. Thus, please check its opening hours , before you go to here having a value deal dinner!

Logan IKEA
3539-3565 Pacific Highway
QLD 4127

Hong Kong Style Dessert - Red Bean Soup

I like Hong Kong Dessert. As far as I know, there is only one Hong Kong Style Dessert Shop in Sunnybank Plaza. That is not enough.  I wish there will be more choices. Moreover, we have a number of Hong Kong Style restaurant, why isn’t there a huge demand on Hong Kong Style Dessert? Even a lot of Local Australia have known about out Red Bean Soup.

Coffee is better in Brisbane

I am from Hong Kong. Recently, cafe becomes popular in Hong Kong.But I and my friends from Brisbane are prefer the coffee from Brisbane. Moreover, I think Brisbane has a coffee culture.  But I think the coffee beans in Brisbane and Hong Kong are same.